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A new patch for Return of the Dawn is available, updating it to version 2.8.7

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I was bored today and decided to use my spare time to bring you another patch for ROTD, updating the game to version 2.8.7, downloadable HERE.

It also contains the 2.8.6 update (which I hadn't gotten around to release here on ModDB yet).
Note: Just like the small 2.8.5a update before, you need at least version 2.8.5 before updating. The patch is not compatible with older versions of ROTD.

Amongst other things, it features better performance in multiplayer games and improved AI.

Full changelog:

Reaperrr wrote: 2.8.7 Patch
Misc. changes:
- Added Readme info: Random Map Generator in Reaperrr's Rules mode crashes the game. Use Classic Mode's RMG to generate random maps.
- changed/fixed a few game dialog strings.
- Transparency effects were severely cut down. This was done for two reasons:
a) many explosions and similar effects actually look better without transparency.
b) all transparency effects have a severe negative impact on performance, especially in multiplayer (due to DirectDraw performance problems).

- (Reaperrr's Rules): Due to an engine bug, the "curly shuffle" between shots for Orca and Apache had to be re-enabled. They don't deplete any ammo without it.
- (Reaperrr's Rules): The AI prerequisite for A10 bombers was set to repair bay instead of radar. This has been fixed now.

AI improvements:
- Tweaked AI team delays. AI should attack more frequently now.
- Increased AI money bonus to allow AI to sustain its attack rate.
- AI no longer builds repair bays, as too many units got stuck on them. AI prerequisite for mammoth tanks changed to Adv. Comm. Center (human players still need to build repair bays for them).

Gameplay Improvements:
(Reaperrr's Rules): Harvester unload time reduced significantly (1/4 of previous value).
(Reaperrr's Rules): Rate Of Fire bonus when reaching veteran/elite status increased from 10% to 20%.

New Maps:
- Added Sole Survivor versions of
- Night of the Mutants
- Super Bridgehead Redux
- Tread Lightly

2.8.6 Patch
Gameplay fix (both modes): The disable/power down building function was straightened out. Now all production facilities (barracks, factories, helipads), radars, defenses and tech buildings can be powered down.
Gameplay fix (RR): Previously, some units didn't gain self-heal ability when reaching elite rank. Now all units self-heal up to half their strength when elite.
Visual fix (RR): The airpad's flag animation was tweaked a bit.
Visual fix (both): The 'zero'-letter on the in-game credits tab was still using the RA1/TS design. It now uses the TD design.

Gameplay tweak (RR): armor bonus when reaching veteran/elite status increased from 20% to 30%.
Gameplay tweak (RR): Elite infantry now heals up to half strength and is automatically set to guard mode.
Gameplay tweak (RR): Elite mammoth tanks now gain a speed bonus.
Gameplay tweak (RR): Elite A10 bomber gains a rate-of-fire bonus.
Gameplay tweak (RR): GDI barracks and Hand of Nod now cost 500 credits and act as hospital for infantry.


good work

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great work

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