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ROTD 2.8 has been released! Grab it and while it's hot ;)

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After approximately 3 months of rather intensive work, ROTD 2.8 is finally done. Compared to the changelog I posted last time, a couple of other minor things were adressed and one new feature was added.

The new feature is a "Sole Survivor" game mode, and while it's restricted to only 4 maps in 2.8, it's still a nice addition. Basically, on these maps you get a Mobile HQ instead of an MCV when the Bases/MHQ option is checked. If "Short Game" is selected as well, you'll lose the instant this MHQ gets destroyed. That means you're usually better off hunting enemy MHQs instead of turtling, since they are rather fragile.

Anyway, head to the Downloads section, download 2.8 and have fun!

- Reaperrr

UPDATE: There are some minor issues with 2.8 caused by a few last-minute changes. Update 2.8a is awaiting authorization while i write this and should be online very soon.

UPDATE #2: Unfortunately I missed one more bug in 2.8/2.8a that prevents LAN/Internet play from working as intended, so the 2.8b hotfix will go online soon. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Reaperrr wrote:
---- Changelog of 2.8b compared to version 2.8a ----
Bug fix: LAN/Internet should now work as intended.

---- Changelog of 2.8a compared to version 2.8 ----
Cosmetical bug fix (RR*): The Nod SSM no longer appears as (unbuildable) item in the build list when a GDI player builds a Repair Bay.
Cosmetical bug fix (both): Parachute is now positioned correctly and uses the correct color palette.
Cosmetical tweak (RR): The A10's napalm bombs now use a larger explosion animation by default instead of only when they have reached elite status.
Gameplay tweak (both): Changed the way troops are paradropped by the transport heli to a RA1-like paradrop (paradropping while flying over target).
Gameplay tweak (Classic): Transport helicopter health increased from 118 to 120.
Gameplay tweak (RR): Transport helicopter price reduced from 1500 to 1200.
Gameplay tweak (RR): Transport helicopter health increased from 118 to 150.
Gameplay tweak (RR): Transport helicopter speed increased from 11 to 14.
Gameplay tweak (RR): Amount of health points regained by buildings per repair 'tick' reduced from 8 to 6.
Gameplay tweak (RR): Repair cost factor reduced from 40% of full price to 25% of full price.
Gameplay tweak (RR): Harvester harvesting speed was slightly increased.
Gameplay tweak (RR): Harvester turning speed increased from 3 to 5.
Gameplay tweak (RR): Harvester health points increased from 720 to 840.
Balance tweak (RR): Rocket Launcher reload time decreased by 10%.
Balance tweak (RR): GDI weapons factory health points increased from 480 to 720.

*Reaperrr's Rules mode

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