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Desert Owl Games is happy to announce the release of the Ronin Midterm for Pox Nora!

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Greetings Everyone,

The Ronin Midterm is here!

New Legendary Runes

  • Vashal Mirrorblade
  • Gallows Warden
  • Flagellum of Chains
  • Firk Soulthief
  • Ferren Snowspinner
  • Cyclops Symbiot
  • Elsari Tomb Raider
  • Chosen of the Osarius

New Abilities
Imposing Aura

Description: Enemy champions within 3 spaces have Careless.


Description: Target relic within three spaces is destroyed, you recover Nora equal to half its Nora cost (rounded down).
Mark of Osarius
Description: After this champion has dealt 40 damage, a Head of Osarius relic is summoned to a random location within 4 spaces. This ability is removed after trigger.
Hunter: Meek
Description: When this unit would deal attack damage to champion costing 65 nora or less, that damage is increased by 50% (after DEF). When this unit takes attack damage from a champion costing 65 nora or less, that damage is reduced by 30% (after DEF). This does not stack with other Hunter abilities.
Cyclopean Menace
Description: The first time each turn a friendly Cyclops or Construct is deployed from the runedock, this champion gains 2 AP and +3 DMG for 2 turns and enemy champions within 3 spaces takes 5 Sonic damage.
Description: When this champion makes a successful basic attack, two illusion copies of itself is summoned randomly within 4 spaces of the target.
Mirror Swap
Description: This champion is relocated in place of the closest friendly illusion of itself within 6 spaces.
Quest: Support Ally
Description: When this champion targets a friendly champion with an ability, this champion gains a rank of Regeneration. On the fourth trigger, this ability is removed and this champion also gains Heal Mass 3.
Take Prisoner
Description: Target enemy champion within 3 spaces with 15 or less current HP is Possessed. That champion has Careless and Bodyguard while Possessed.
Description: When a champion loses AP, this champion gains AP equal to the amount lost, to a maximum of 4 AP per turn.
Website Changes

  • Player profile page now shows Solo rating and Team rating.
  • Player profile and match history pages now shows how much a person's rating has changed per match.
  • Player Ranking page has been renamed to Leaderboard. The Leaderboard is now sorted by player rating instead of rank and updates in real time.
  • Player Ranks will still update once per day.

Game Client Changes

  • The End of Match screen will now show how much a player's rating was changed by the match.
  • Player rating will now be displayed at the End of Match screen.
  • Player rating will now be displayed in the popup when hovering over a player's name in the lobby.
  • Player rating will now update at the end of every match instead of once per day.
  • 2v2 Ranking has now been enabled.
  • Removed the BETA from the 2v2 game section menu for picking the type of ranked game.
  • Added the ability to view the contents of Public Decks while in the training grounds deck selection menu.
  • Added more key words popup descriptions to runes.
  • League names and number of people per league have adjusted to better reflect the skill distribution of ranked players.
  • Because of the changes to the ranking system all player ranks will be reset.
  • Adjusted the layout of the following maps:
    • Snarling Tangle
    • Lava Plains
    • K'Thir Forest
    • Grove of Ashes
    • Elemental Plateau
    • Axillium
  • Changed the Ranked PvP Map Rotation to only include the following maps:
    • Axillium
    • Dark Marsh
    • Elemental Plateau
    • Forsaken Wastes
    • Grove of Ashes
    • K'thir Forest
    • Lava Plains
    • Nora Glades
    • Lost City
    • Shores of Maljara
    • Snarling Tangle
    • Tundra Lake

Hallowed Ground

  • Removed the Anti-Underdepths and Forsaken Wastes parameters for this effect and reduced the Healing to 5.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where Land Mines would persist after being destroyed.
  • Fixed issue where Bone Trap would persist after being destroyed.
  • Fixed issue where Backlash wasn't not affecting Unleash Memories.
  • Fixed issue where Command Heal's effect was not showing on champions affected by this ability.
  • Fixed issue where the conditions from Boost abilities were not displaying the proper stat values.
  • Fixed issues where Pain Curse and all of the Nova abilities were incorrectly counted as attack damage.
  • Fixed issue where Domain: Dead Magic Zone would not trigger properly when Dead Magic Zone was generated on a unit.
  • Fixed an issue where the duration of Short Lived was not always showing the proper number of turns left on this condition.
  • Fixed issue where the ability cripple was resetting a unit's DEF when reapplied.
  • Fixed an issue regarding the ranking system using old static rating to calculate the new rating.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ranked 2v2 End of Match screen was showing wins and rating as a 1v1 stats.

The full list of changes can be found on the Official Patch Notes.

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