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You are a Game Designer! Play as Jun Mizushima, a gaming school student who suffers from "chuunibyou", or "eighth grade syndrome", a condition in which the afflicted genuinely believe that they posses superpowers. Aside from that, Jun is a charismatic young man, who is really determined to create a video game of his own. Join Jun and his eccentric, yet talented, group of friends to win the annual International Youth Game Development Competition! Please support us through Kickstarter and Steam

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Not: Kachuna is the shortened name of the Japanese title "Kare no Chuunibyou ha Naoranai." The English title is "His Chuunibyou Can't Be Cured". Both titles are used interchangeably.

Some words from our developer, Nyanime:

The 'Sakurasou' story was the initial inspiration for Kachuna. The antics of the main cast brought me great laughter and joy. Their memories of game development melted my heart. Because of that, Kachuna's story is about game development.

I want Kachuna to inspire the same feelings I felt for Sakurasou. I want the audience to laugh, cry, and smile. I want the audience to say "This game was good" and make memories of their own.

Tamaya Kagiya:

Tamaya Kagiya is a spunky, creative, independent studio. We create in-depth, interactive story-based games in English and Japanese. We strive for our games to hold the highest quality in writing, art, music, and any other creative tasks. This includes keeping up with the current trends in mainstream media. We view ourselves as partners to our community. We aim to be an international brand. Our main goal is to create wonderful stories with yuri or bishoujo content. We hope our works will serve as the inspiration to others.

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