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With the newest expansion to Europa Universalis freshly released, Roma Universalis has been updated and a new version has been released!

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Hey there everyone!

The Joker here, lead developer of Roma Universalis. A new version was released a few days ago on the Steam Workshop, so the new version has just been released here on ModDB!

Big changes have made their way to the mod, with a small changelog down below:

- Got the mod working with EUIV v1.14

- Tweaked Roman, Hellenic, and various other national ideas. Romans are now more centered on economical and manpower strength while the Hellenic states have impressive infantry bonuses but do not possess the economical strengths that the Romans do.

- Brand new tech system: 28 techs for each category.
- Game ends in 754 AUC/0 AD
- New government types for monarchies and democracies, as well as middle-of-the-road "autocracies".

- Updated North Africa to give Carthage less of an edge.

- Balanced many national ideas and group ideas. - Balanced unit pips.

- Added forts to Persia.

- Balanced the various technology groups: Romans and Greeks are the pinnacle of technological superiority with the Indo-Asian, Eastern, and Carthaginians not far behind. Tribal and nomadic governments are quite hampered as far as technological progress goes.

Enjoy guys! Be sure to follow the mod here on ModDb and also head to the Steam Workshop to download the mod from there! That's the best way to stay updated on Roma Universalis.

Roma Universalis vAlpha 2

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