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Over the course of the previous few months, I have fleshed out an update for one of the factions in Middle-earth Extended Edition - the Horse Lords of Rohan.

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The Horse Lords of Rohan will receive a significant update in the next version of Middle-earth Extended Edition, scheduled for later this year. This update includes a new hero, addition of new and the rework of some old abilities of existing heroes, changes in the Spellbook, a new siege unit and balance changes.


  • Elfhelm - a new scouting and cavalry oriented hero. Elfhelm starts off at rank 1 and is recruited at the cost of 900 resources. He has the following abilities:
    • Rank 1: Mount.
    • Rank 1: Outrider - Elfhelm gains +20% Armor and +10% Speed for a short time.
    • Rank 2: Vigilance - Allows Elfhelm to reveal nearby invisible units and increases his Vision range by 15%.
    • Rank 4: The Marshal of Edoras - Nearby cavalry units gain +25% Armor and +100% Experience.
    • Rank 6: Blinding Charge - Elfhelm orders a ferocious charge, stunning nearby enemy Pikemen and Spearmen in place for a short time, also reducing their Attack to 5%.
    • Rank 8: Eored Commander - Summons a Rohirrim Warrior battalion permanently, unless the command point limit is reached.

  • Hama - the captain of the King's bodyguards is a stout defender and a valiant warrior. He start off at rank 3 at the cost of 900 resources. His abilities are:
    • Rank 1: Mount.
    • Rank 2: Bodyguard Captain - Nearby Door Wardens and Royal Guards gain +25% Attack and +100% Experience.
    • Rank 3: Swift Strike - A powerful single melee attack which deals splash damage and knockbacks units in a small area.
    • Rank 5: King's Bodyguard - Hama and nearby heroes gain +30% Armor resistance for a short time.
    • Rank 7: Fearless Defender - Hama becomes immobile and knockback resistant, and gains +25% Attack and +75% Armor for a short period of time.

  • Ekrenbrand - the lord of Westfold and the later Marshal of the West-Mark. Erkenbrand is a supportive hero, oriented towards infantry and defenses. He starts off at rank 3 at the cost of 1200 resources. His abilities are the following:
    • Rank 1: Mount.
    • Rank 3: Marshal of the West-Mark - Nearby infantry gain +25% Armor and +100% experience. In addition, nearby Westfold Spearmen gain +15% Attack.
    • Rank 4: Horn of Rohan - Stuns nearby enemy units in fear.
    • Rank 6: Wise Precautions - Walls, Battle Towers and Sentry Towers become 50% cheaper while Peasants are trained 30% faster for 60 seconds.
    • Rank 8: Eored Commander - Summons a Rohirrim Warrior battalion permanently, unless the command point limit is reached.

  • Eomer - the third Marshal of the Riddermark. He start off at rank 5 at the cost of 1750. In addition to his original abilities, he also has:
    • Rank 7: Eomund's Rage - Eomer attacks 50% faster, gains +35% Armor and moves 10% faster for 25 seconds.
    • Rank 8: Eored Commander - Summons a Rohirrim Warrior battalion permanently, unless the command point limit is reached.

  • Theoden - the King of Rohan had his starting health increased by 100. He also starts off at rank 5 at the cost of 2000 resources. One of his abilities has also been slightly reworked:
    • Rank 2: Hour of Wrath - Theoden temporarily gains +75% Attack and +25% Armor. Can only be used when on foot.

  • Eowyn - the shield maiden of Rohan had her shield texture fixed and has been given a new passive ability:
    • Rank 3: White lady of Rohan - Nearby friendly units gain +15% Attack.

  • Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli are no longer recruitable.


  • Tier 2: The Elven Allegiance spell has been replaced with:
    • Rebuild - A friendly structure within the radius is fully repaired.
  • Tier 3: Anduril has been replaced with:
    • Heal - Friendly units within the radius are healed, with one units per battalion revived. Has slightly longer cooldown compared to the Heal spell of other good factions.
  • Tier 5: Army of the Dead has been replaced with:
    • The Three Hunters - Summons Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, all at rank 10, to fight for your cause temporarily. The three heroes received the Three Hunters passive ability, granting them +10% Attack, +5% Speed and +20% Vision range when near eachother.
    • Aragorn can no longer summon Oathbreakers for balance reasons.


  • A new siege unit has been added:
    • Siege Ladder - A simple siege unit, giving you the ability to scale castle walls. It is made in the Armory at the cost of 250 resources.
  • Rohan Spearmen have been renamed to Westfold Spearmen, receiving a new skin and an ability:
    • Rank 2: Defenders of Westfold - Erkenbrand gains +15% Armor when nearby.
  • Rohan Archers had their Heavy Armor skin slightly updated.
  • Door Wardens now have 250 health.

Other changes

  • Fire Arrows upgrade is now available at rank 2 Rohan Armory.
  • Rohan Archery Range has been renamed to Rohan Barracks.

That would be all for this update. I hope you like the changes and additions and feel free to post any suggestions and report any bugs you find in the current released version of Middle-earth Extended Edition.




Looking good :)

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Rohirim91 Author

Thanks :D

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where is gamling

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Rohirim91 Author

With the current amount of heroes that Rohan has, it is hard for me to find a distinct and useful role for Gamling. He will be added in the future if I find a way to do so.

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he is Important and his role too so I hope will be there as soon as possible
.thank u for the informations

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