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Travel the strange wasteland, fight crazed machines and build your deck. Can you find the mystical Crypt? You will need to hire followers and find loot to have a chance! NOW AVAILABLE on ITCH.IO in FIRST ACCESS

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owhere Prophet, the single-player post-apocalyptic card game just launched on Starting today Nowhere Prophet is available in “First Access”: Imagine if Kickstarter and Early Access had a baby: You can get it early, and you can get special rewards and become a part of the game while you’re at it.

So what kind of game is it? Let's start with the BRAND NEW First Access trailer:

Nowhere Prophet is a single player deck-building game for desktop computers. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world inspired by Indian culture and sci-fi literature. Build a loyal band of followers and survive the journey across a broken world. Barely.

On the trail through the procedurally generated wasteland you will have to fight your enemies in the genre-mix that combines card games, roguelike elments and a tactical turn-based combat system. If you survive you can recruit new followers, find loot and improve your deck to better face the rising challenges ahead.

The game is designed to be a challenging trip through a strange world. Across multiple attempts the player can unlock different classes and convoys until finally they reach the Crypt and unlocks its mysteries.

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