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Sins of the Fallen: Fall of Transhumanity: Rogue Traders Overview.

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Rogue Traders

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Welcome to the Sins of the Fallen: Fall of Transhumanity Rogue Trader Race. Enjoy!

Gameplay Overview

Rogue's aren't just pirates

Rogue Trader's need access to logistics and resources just like any other race in order to research. They do this by offering protection to planets. However, outside of your home planet you'll only be able to take advantage of 20% of the local population for your protection fee (will shows as -80% population).

The Blue Arcadia and Rogue Raider have the necessary crew to negotiate protection on neutral gravity wells. Rogue raiders also excel at clearing out and capturing neutral extractors though their high damage is offset by week armor and high fleet supply.

Rogue Arcadia Class Capitalships Rogue Arcadia Class Capitalships

Offering protection to Ice and Volcanic planets requires one military lab and the appropriate research.

Rogue Traders Screenshots

Extortion, Plunder and Intimidation
Check out the extortion tree for ways the Rogue Traders can supplement their income through manipulating planets under their protection to hacking other markets controlled by their enemies.

Check out the plunder tab for salvaging research. Check out the Intimidation tab for research that solidifies control of your system.

Rogue Traders Screenshots

Pirates versus Mercenaries
Pirate vessels are available via the Frigates build button and are useful at generating early income (Research required for some pirate vessels).

Pirate vessels in your fleet not only help to clear early militia they are also good for looting extra income.

  • Pirate Corsairs generate income in combat and only require one military lab to build.
  • Pirate Rogues generate income when using timed explosives on structures.
  • Pirate Pillagers generate income when bombing planets.

Pirate fleets will be viable early, mid and late game as they will add extra income generating potential either with your main fleet or in smaller pirate raids on less protected systems.

* Reaper's and Cutthroat's only support the fleet currently (may add income generation to these vessels too).

Rogue Traders Screenshots Rogue Traders Screenshots

Mercenaries can only be recruited after you establish yourself as a credible threat in the universe. Constructing two civilian labs (will be renamed) and researching Mercenary Hangout (culture center) will gain access to the Cobra Light Frigate ideal for taking out carrier and support ships. Construction of military labs (will be renamed) are necessary to unlock even stronger mercs. These ships favor lots of damage, long range and speed, but lack in hull and shields.

* Support cruisers are currently using default tech abilities and will be changed.

Rogue Traders Screenshots Rogue Traders Screenshots Rogue Traders Screenshots

Capital Ships
Rogue capital ships have the option to upgrade 5 unique abilities. The fifth abilities are designed to offer a choice in upgrades that give a significant upside coupled with a less than desirable downside. For example, Gunslinger improves weapon cooldown but decreases shield mitigation or Gamble which adds squads but increases the antimatter cost of abilities.

Most Rogue capital ships also have abilities that can be used to increase your income by raiding enemy Ports, Extractors, and planets.

Rogue Traders Screenshots Rogue Arcadia Class CapitalshipsRogue Capital Ship Upgrade Buttons

Blue Arcadia (Colony Class)
Offer Protection - Through various means the pirates can convince planets that they will be better off under their protection, and only for a slight fee.
Freebooters - Other pirates answers your call to arms and raid the system, causing confusion and havoc with infrastructure and space traffic
Swift Attack - Cybernetically connects navigators of all nearby ships for a short time, granting increased sub-light movement speed.
Harpoon - When the enemy shield is down the pirates fires a massive harpoon that penetrates the enemies hull and fries all their systems, leaving them drifting in space vulnerable to boarding.
Gunslinger - Guns are fun, and to get more you may need to clear out some obsolete defensive systems.

Rogue Ghost Class Capitalship Rogue Capital Ship Upgrade Buttons

Ghost (Support Class)
Ion Blast - Firing their ion cannon at an enemy vessel, the enemy are left totally helpless for a short while, before its systems reboot.
RestoreShield - Using advanced systems, the ship boosts the shield of a friendly nearby ship.
Interdiction - Installing a custum built phase jump inhibitor in the vessel allow it to slow down escaping vessels attempting to phase jump away.
Ion Barrage - Massively overloading their ion cannons allows the ship to lock down all enemy ships in a large area with a sustained barrage of ion particles.
Techwiz - The Engineers on the ship comes up with ingenious solutions to the ships power system, albeit at the price of reduced shielding and weapons.

Rogue Arcadia Class Capitalships Rogue Capital Ship Upgrade Buttons

Green Arcadia (Battleship Class)
Battle Rage - The crew diverts smartlinks to weapon systems, greatly increasing its firepower but hindering its repair systems at the same time.
Raid Ports - Despatches a raiding party to sack and loot an enemy port.
Master & Commander - The captain maintains strict battle lines maximizing the fleets range, but also decreasing the ability of every ship to take evasive actions.
Last Man Standing - A successful Buccaneer, the captain upgrades his ship with advanced defensive systems, greatly increasing its survivability when called upon.
Armor of Contempt - The captain and crew choose to outfit their ship with heavy armor at the cost of hull regeneration.

Rogue Frigate Rogue Capital Ship Upgrade Buttons

AnnaV (Siege Class)
Deadeye Shot - Extensive experience have taught the gunnery crew how to inflict maximum damage with a single shot at the right place.
Raid Resources - A pirate party raids enemy planets for resources, inflicting damage to infrastructure and population in the process.
Rapid Reload - The ship has gained some notoriety, all nearby pirate vessels do their best to impress its captain, increasing their rate of fire.
Might Shot - The ship unleashes its forward missile batteries devastating at a nearby target devastating any enemies caught its line of fire.
Jaded - The crew becomes a harbinger of doom by infecting it's systems with a virus powerful enough to transmit to nearby enemy vessels.

Rogue Min's Wind Capitalship Rogue Capital Ship Upgrade Buttons

Min's Wind (Carrier Class)
Flak Burst - Detonating several explosives with enough power to destroy small strikecraft, you wipe the space around your ship clean of enemy fighters.
Raid Extractor - A pirate party hijacks an enemy mining station, forcing the miners to work for them.
True Grit - only the toughest and most cybernetically enhanced pirates are allowed to serve as pilots on the carrier.
Mutiny - Swaying the crew of an enemy vessel with promises of plentiful bounty and equal shares, the enemy vessel joins the pirates.
Gamble - Clearing out all non essential systems to make room for more figthers, the ship greatly increases its figther complement at the cost of less efficient power systems.

Rogue Mercenary Rogue Capital Ship Upgrade Buttons

Cobra Destroyer (Battleship Class)
Die Hard - Forcing the crew to further integrate with the ship systems, the captain clears out redundant life support systems in favor of redundant repair systems.
Berzerk Charge - Accelerating to speeds that would kill an unaugmented human, the ship can achieve tremendous acceleration and speed.
Viper's Kiss - The enhanced crew knows just where to place their shots to cripple enemy defenses.
Rogue Barrage - The ship unleashes its missile batteries on all nearby enemies in a devastating barrage.
The crew knows no fear, stripping engines and armor to accommodate even more weapons.

Rogue Hideout
Visit the Hideout research tree for defensive and star base research.

Rogue Traders Screenshots


I dont know if it was intended or not but the Cobra Destroyer lacks the ability to planetary bombard?

Also there is no icon for building the planetary shield generator.

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ZombiesRus5 Author

The Cobra Destroyer is intended. I'm planning on adding a new capital ship to each race including vanilla. They will be a little tougher like the Cobra Destroyer but will be unable to bomb planets.

"Also there is no icon for building the planetary shield generator."

I'll add that to known issues. Thanks!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

this might be a favorite race by the looks of it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

for a demo, this is pretty much feels complete.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ZombiesRus5 Author

Thanks! it does have some nice polish in some areas, but there is still a lot to do, plus fix the issues :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote


did u happen to work on tri pirate?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ZombiesRus5 Author

Nope, but it did look promising. The four barrel green arcadia originated in that mod however. The original created fileosoft allowed it's use.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

It might have been a fluke but I was using their Raid Resources off the AnnaV and the game crashed immediately after attempting it on an asteroid.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ZombiesRus5 Author

Ah sorry to hear that. I might be a finish condition when the planet goes neutral. I'll check that out and add it to the Known issues.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I have a question, can the Harpoon Ability on Blue Arcadia take Capital Ships, or is it a glitch if it happens?

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