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Squishy Games released 1-bit HD roguelike game, Rogue Invader, to Steam Greenlight today and provided a new trailer, and full feature list with their submission

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Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by. We’re super excited to announce our Steam Greenlight release! Today at 1300 (1 p.m.) we submitted to Greenlight and put our future in your hands. As we take this big risk, we wanted to let you know where we are and what’s going on.

Steam Greenlight:

We’ve spent the last two weeks since our demo release working on squashing bugs in our demo, developing three new alien classes, deepening the alien AI, creating new levels, adding an additional usable weapon to the player’s arsenal (three down, five to go), creating the armor system, and our favorite: devising additional challenges to thwart the success of the invasion. (That laughing zeno in the teaser? That’s actually Nathan.

But for your viewing pleasure, here is our updated feature list and some new screenshots

Steam Greenlight release support

  • 1-bit graphics throughout, created at 720p resolution
  • Every pixel is black or white. No pixel is grey or colored.
  • Roguelike: every playthrough is different and death of a soldier is permanent
    • Every choice you make matters
    • Taking risks and playing differently might lead to success and easier future paths
    • ...or it might kill you
  • 12 unique areas combining procedural generation and pre-created encounters
  • Persistent damage--destroyed objects are rebuilt over several playthroughs
  • 6 enemy classes, each with three different personalities to provide different AI interactions during each launch
  • Mini bosses and side quests that reward you for taking risks8 cutscenes to provide background and exposition to drive plot and increase your involvement

Support greenlight

  • Vast modification options
    • Collect 5 unique resources during invasion to rebuild your arsenal and ease future invasion runs
    • 8 gun types, each with 1-6 modification slots
    • 15 modifications for guns
    • 100s of combinations that provide usability unique to you and your play style
  • Original orchestral music score
  • Make constant tradeoffs to win the invasion
    • bigger gun or more ammo?
    • use this gun now or beam it up to be studied?
    • run through a section or sit back and kill all the aliens?
    • risk destroying all your cover to collect more resources for the next soldier to use?

DEMO RELEASE Support images

  • Homeworlds of soldiers pay homage to nearly 100 sci-fi locations for the out and closeted sci-fi nerds
    • homeworlds provide soldiers specific perks
  • Endlessly replayable
    • hunt achievements
    • search for secrets
    • improve the arsenal
    • explore the world
    • thumb your nose at King Zeno

Aliens Invade

Thank you so much.

Your feedback has been awesome, and we’re always happy to hear from you,

Nathan and Lee J

Click here to vote for Rogue Invader on Steam:

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