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A new update for Rogue Empire was just released! Highlights: Global Leader-boards, more abilities, more soul essence perks and much more!

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I would like to highlight all the new additions that where added to v0.9.5 with cool images to show some of them off! :steamhappy:

You can check Rogue Empire in steam!

Note 1: You might notice this patch is not as big as the previous ones, but there is definitely good stuff inside! Some highlights are new abilities, abilities are drawn now every 2 levels instead of 3, improved keyboard support, Leader-boards and new soul essence perks!
Note 2: Because of some weird restrictions by steam I am not allowed to change the game's price on release without preventing me to put up the release discount (this is supposed to attract a lot). This is why soon I will change the price (it will go up a little) for the early access version of the game to prepare for this. If you wish to know more feel free to talk to me about it.
Without further ado, here are the main changes ( I might have missed some) introduced into the game:

New Features

  • Reworked the entire Leader-boards:
    • Each difficulty and game type (Eghoss, Dawn of Shadows, Challenge dungeon) have their own category/Leaderboard.
    • Global Leaderboards are a thing! 30 spots for each category at the moment!
    • Each records show your rank, the soul essence amount (these count as points), the name you used for the record, a small description of your character (name, gender, race, level, location).
    • If you stream in twitch, a small icon with a link to your channel will be show up.
    • If played in timed mode another icon will appear.
  • Leaderboards are now accessible from the title screen/main menu.
  • Because of new abilities added for all classes, you now get to pick new ones every 2 levels instead of every 3. :D
  • Merchant window has now proper keyboard support.
  • Level Up window has now proper keyboard support.
  • Button cursor on windows can now be toggle on and off from the settings window.
  • Added 6 new active ability that can be learned by all classes.

  • Added 2 new passive ability that can be learned by all classes.
  • When in a dungeon a small icon next to the dungeon name will hint at the relative difficulty of the dungeon when compared to your character.
  • In the world map you will have an idea of the dungeons difficulty by glancing at the small icons next to their entrance. On hovering a popup will give you more info.
  • Soul Essence perks now display an icon when they unlock new options when acquired.
  • Added 26 new Soul Essence perks.

Balance Changes:

  • Kick mechanic changed to be a 1 time damage with a guaranteed success. The damage is dependent on the dungeon level and the kicker strength.
  • All merchants now start with an additional 2500 gold in their pockets.
  • Buffed moon-crystal shields across the board. This only affects newly generated shields.
  • Naga wizard lightning bolt spell level reduced.
  • The detect traps enchantment spell now auto casts on yourself as it was to confusing before.
  • Assassin and Hunter dodge improving abilities where changed from a multiplicative amount to dodge rating to a flat amount to dodge chance.
  • Class signature attributes (for example intelligence and spell power for mages) are now guaranteed to have at least a +1 point increase during level up.
  • All characters and enemies have had its constitution influence on hp increased as well as its signature damage stats influences (str, sp, agl have an increased influence on damage done). This is made so stat increases are more influential.
  • Most of the poison attacks/abilities from enemies and traps have been buffed to balance out the constitution changes and also make them more of a thread. As part of this change most poisons have a longer duration.
  • Negative/bad item enchantments where removed from the game (does not affect items already acquired in a current game).
  • Item modifier formula adjusted so you seem more enchanted items on more dangerous dungeons.
  • Increased item drop amount across the board. Changed weight of type of items dropped accordingly for balancing purposes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug that would prevent to switch the camera shaking option.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes buttons in the action bar would disabled for use till the game is restarted.
  • Fixed bug where range weapons would no longer be harder to dodge.
  • Fixed a bug where character, inventory spell and talent screens button remapping would not work properly.
  • Fixed a bug where water splash spell would not scale with spell power.
  • Fixed infamous ring of satiation freeze. Added some safeguard code to hopefully prevent similar situations in the future.
  • Fixed several typos.
  • Fixed the location of several 1 way portals in the Dawn of Shadows campaign.


  • Both spell and abilities windows have a small informative text when not showing a specific spell/ability.
  • Level 100, 50 and 25 achievements where shifted to be level 50, 40 and 25 respectively.
  • Portals generated by bosses now will be attempted to be created around them and not under them to avoid being in the same location as the loot dropped by the boss.
  • Redid keyboard UI navigation.
  • Moved the rings subcategory in the inventory from "other" to "armors" as it made more sense when using it.
  • Enchanted gear now stands out when picking it up and when looking at them in the inventory. More to come.
  • If for any reason your character end up on a none traversable tile, you will now be able to get back to a valid tile.
  • Changed a little the UI coloring scheme.

Cheers and happy crawling!

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