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Rofaxan 2089 AD gains yet another favorable review. This is starting to create a great portfolio for the fledgling AngryGam3rs! This being the first attempt at a cross platform indie game...

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This being the first attempt at a cross platform indie game from a one to two man crew is an great accomplishment, jumping as high as #22 for a day or two during the IGOTY on was another great feat and winning the hearts of reviewers and gamers yet another feat. Now this game doesn't seem like it has a vast story or a complex time line, because it doesn't. It was simply made to have fun at the simplest of levels with a great sound track to kill to and huge bosses and smooth gameplay. Rofaxan is slowly carving a name for it's self having won so much respect from the community and receiving so much support. Since the Xbox release of the game and the Retro Game Geeks review AngryGam3rs has rocketed in followers on twitter in a 2 and a half week period to an astounding 889 followers as of this writing!

With "Prometheus" project taking position and Rofaxan's final update, hopefully, for Xbox and PC coming it's to be one busy year for AngryGam3rs!

The newest article can be found at this link here:

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