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Rock, Paper, Wizards! received a 9/10 on App Apes.

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Rock, Paper, Wizards! isn’t just a bunch of hocus pocus, it actually delivers on its promise of bringing the magic to the classic game of rock, paper, scissors.

Whether to decide a disagreement or to have fun on the playground, we’ve all played rock, paper, scissors, but never like this. Rock, Paper, Wizards! provides players with crisp graphics coated in a construction paper texture that is used throughout the game seamlessly. The user interface is neat, uncluttered, easy to understand, and ads are limited to one full page ad every so often. The game graphics are not burdened by ugly ads at the bottom or top that distract in many games, and the one pop up ad is hardly intrusive, popping up only after a player loses, which could potentially be a very long time. The cast of characters are cute, and often humorous looking, with funny voices and names to match, and the main character, Oscar Burlin has surprising depth for what little players get to know about him via the short animation in the Official Video (shown below) and in game with lines like, “Got to keep flexing.” This vulnerability and underdog status make the character immediately likable. Plus that mustache! The same goes for the enemies, which we at App Apes can see on merchandise should this game get the attention it deserves.

The game play itself is simple to learn but hard to master, for after round five, the time players are allowed to choose a counter to the CPU chosen sign (rock, paper, or scissors) decreases to a second from its three seconds in rounds one through five. Players are given only five ticks of health and can only regain health by defeating a randomly generated Goblin King and looting his treasure chest. Even then, players only earn back one tick of health. The pacing is quick enough to keep players on their toes and also keep boredom from creeping in, and leader boards as well as achievements give players incentive to keep try for a top score.

Overall, Rock, Paper, Wizards! is a simple and fun game with a great challenge, and even better graphics and characters. It is certainly worth a download, as it’s free with limited ads (a rarity) and is great for all ages.


  • Beautiful Graphics and Immersive Sounds
  • Great characters
  • Leaderboards – Achievements
  • Free to Play

Source: App Apes
Download the Game: Google Play

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