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What to expect from the horrifying monsters you will encounter in Kitty.

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Hello fellow gamers and horror fans!

I wanted to take a moment to give an explanation on the sort of horrifying enemies you will encounter in the exciting game of Kitty. Not specifically the monsters and their bios (That's for you to discover on your own :D) but more along the lines of what to expect while exploring the levels. The reason why I want to bring this up is because I have just started creating key moments in the game where you will encounter bosses/monsters as reoccurring characters. I don't mean you will occasionally fight (repetitively) the same boss battle over and over as the game progresses. What I mean is that you will encounter the same monsters again but in different situations as you explore. You might see them in the background, they might be passing by, or they might even try to hunt or eat you (In regards to the hunting bit, each monster will have it's own unique way of doing that so expect to be attacked at the most inconvenient moments.)

The thing about the monsters in Kitty is that they are not just basic enemies. What I am trying to do is create monsters that are like characters in a story. That's why the cover of this game contains our main villain surrounded by monsters. Those monsters are on the cover because they are relevant to the story and you will see them throughout the game.

I would like to mention that when it comes to making something, I am not the sort of person who likes to stick to a certain "trend" or something that has been done before. I strive to create something different and unique. I like to give a certain "spice" to something and try to mix it up a bit.

On top of this, I want to create things that are iconic and exist solely in my universe and connects to my specific game. When you see a monster from my game, I want people to say "Oh! That is from Kitty!" Think of Creepers from Minecraft, they are special to that game and almost everyone knows where they are from because they are iconic to that specific game.

So long story short, I am striving to create unique monsters that will become reoccurring iconic characters! Expect all sorts of the monsters relating to spiders, insects, ghosts, and the most bizarre robots/cyborgs. Stay tuned for more news!


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