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Hi everyone, the new pre order version of Robothoirum is up! The GoblinZ studio team is proud to present you the progress we've made on Robothorium during the last months.

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Hi everyone, the new pre order version of Robothoirum is up!

The GoblinZ studio team is proud to present you the progress we've made on Robothorium during the last months.

You can pre-order Robothorium and have access to the new pre order version right here

And don't forget to come on our Discord if you want to have access to our special giveaway, open beta weekends and devlogs: Discord

Patch note 0.5.0: What’s new?

Today we are presenting you our huge patch note for the new pre order version, where the updates of versions 0.4.0 and 0.5.0 are merged together.



  • New Prologue 4 mission is now playable



  • New environments: Lab, Factory and City by day
  • New skills for robots: You can now change your skills in the equipment scene
  • Robots now have a grade 2 visual when equipping higher level items
  • New damage and effect displaying system
  • New talent system (Work In Progress: only the first tier is available - talent trees are NOT in their final state and will change before EA)
  • New equipment system - Equipping an item in a specific slot will change the visual of the associated part(s) of the robot
  • New notifications system in exploration
  • New personality bonuses system - Robots now have small stats boost depending on their personality
  • New class restriction system for items
  • New faction window that you can access on mission scene
  • New main menu
  • Players can now create up to 3 save slots
  • New difficulty selection window (WIP: all difficulties are the same for the moment)
  • Players can quit the game from the main menu
  • You can now go back to main menu from the mission scene
  • New Danger Level system with a brand new UI in exploration
  • Lots of new special FX, animations, lights and projectiles
  • New adaptative tooltips for skills with dynamic description
  • 2 new types of monsters - Psyborgs and Policemen
  • New grade 2 for Technomeds, Cyberdogs, Psyborgs and Policemen
  • Monsters skills have been reworked and polished
  • New environments - Lab, Factory and City by day
  • New rooms layout with the correct number of doors
  • Rooms now have random decorations
  • New Regeneration attribute - Restores some Shield at the beginning of each turn (replaces the old Armor attribute)
  • Resistance attribute now mitigates damage for Shield and Structure
  • Equipment items now have random stats rolled when dropped



  • Better procedural level generation
  • Effects can now be hovered and have a tooltip in fight, equipment and exploration
  • UI polish on turns order
  • UI polish on fighter details
  • UI polish in equipment scene
  • Many sounds added
  • Huge UI improvements and polishing
  • Robots can now level up
  • More items have been added to monsters drop list
  • Better animations when inspecting elements. A wheel of chance has also been added
  • You can now compare items with the ones equipped by using left shift or X with a gamepad in the equipment scene

Bug fixes

Bugs indiedb

  • Bugs? Which bugs?


  • Settings, Black Market, Hangar and Workshop are locked intentionally

That’s all for now. We will be back soon to share with you our progression on Robothorium.

Please share any questions, feedback or thoughts in the comments, we really love to hear from you.

The Goblinz Team

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