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An introduction to Robot tale: a sci-fi, semi-open-world, platformer.

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Hello! I'm proud to announce the start of Robot Tale's development. As of writing this, I can't really show much of the game's progress; however, I can assure that the game has plenty of conceptual art (early music, early sketches, etc.) to ensure a healthy development plan.

The Concept:

Robot Tale is largely based on Cave Story. Check the game out here.

Many game-play elements involve upgrading equipment, traveling through unknown areas, and fighting various enemies. Most action revolves around the arcade, shoot-em-up genre--the character is given an 'item that shoots' and fights enemies with said item.

The exploration will complex-linear. Every now and then, the player will encounter pathways that lead to treasures of different kinds. Despite these options, the story takes a consistent path until the end. Furthermore, the treasures are mainly there to be treasures: items that you enjoy because you earned them.

Atmosphere is a big element within the game. Many times you will walk down a rainy area and ponder the situation. Many times you will take in the scenery to reflect on the actions of yourself and others. Many times you will just relax. It's a very 'stop and smell the flowers' type of situation. These moments of atmosphere, however, will appear between moments of action. Again, this is for reflecting on the situation.

The story is in the style of 'medias res'. The player (a robot without their memory) wakes up in an abandoned facility and is required to find out their origin. It's a story that requires a lot of exploration and searching. often you will encounter characters that are friendly or hostile. Despite this, you always have the option to befriend a handful of individuals.

Early Alpha Demo

Early Alpha Demo

The Future:

I hope that this game will go somewhere. This is shaping up to be my most ambitious project to date. I hope for its completion.

Thanks for reading!


Keep the updates coming and best of luck!


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kimchy101 Author

Hey, thanks for the luck; it means a lot to me. After-all, I need all the luck that I can get. ;)

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