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DEM03 is here at long last! Features include multiplayer, a new music track, revised enemy AI, a minigame, revised difficulty settings and numerous other changes that need to be seen in game.

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The summary does a good job of summarizing this article. The 3rd Demo of Robo’s World 3 is indeed here, with the biggest feature being the new multiplayer. But don’t forget all the other stuff. DEM03 does nothing but improve on DEM02. And when I say improve I mean EVERYGTHING has been made better, tweaked or polished in some way. But I’ll leave the grocery-list of changes to be seen in game.

More noticeable changes include the new textboxes, Ammo Scramble minigame, designated melee button, Point Defense Drones and Zarnok Fighter. More subtle changes include the redrawn tiles, and reprogrammed enemy AI. Seriously, the Zarnok Worker has LITERALLY been reprogrammed 5 times since it was first made, twice since DEM02! If you want to read about the individual tweaks and polishes, check out previous “Robo’s Reports”, a new article at the end of every month.
The multiplayer has been summarized well in its own Feature article, click here to read about it in detail.
And of course, if you just want to hop in and play, the DEM03 download link is here:

The good news and bad news: DEM03 represents significant changes to the game, and the multiplayer should hopefully provide long lasting fun. (All those who tested it were able to jump right in and play!) But there are many other “projects” I have to tend to. In life, both digital and virtual. Halo Reach’s upcoming demo being at the forefront. After that, EXAMS! So these next 2 months, don’t expect all too many updates for about 2 months. Come summer, I will definitely have more time to work on Robo’s World 3. On what you ask? Well, the multiplayer is done, one minigame is done, what else is there? Single Player. A LOT of Single Player. And maybe something NOT single player. (See that’s the classic, I don’t know if I can do it so I’ll just be cryptic strategy).
Here’s to hoping you enjoy the new demo!

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