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Robo, the story of a rover robot stuck on a foreign planet.

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Robo: Captured.

Robo is a story about a robot who was sent to a planet by its creators, in order to obtain surface data and to look for the possibility of life. After its 28 day program had expired, it had gone into a hibernation state to be collected. Robo had laid dormant on this distant planet in an energy conservative state until it is to be recovered and put back to use by it's creators. But unfortunately, the true rescue never came, and it is discovered by a foreign alien race, unknown to Robo nor its creators. Since Robo's hardware believed it had been recovered, its automatic boot system had been activated and it had started processing all of its stored information archives back into it's main memory for quick access. When done, Robo "awakes" to find itself in a dark unknown location with foreign creatures. Fearing itself and its information is in danger, Robo attempts to escape, and find its way back home.

Robo: Captured will have both a story and a sandbox mode. The story will have emphasis on, well, the story. Sandbox mode will have emphasis on building, creating, and ultimately sculpting the player's own unique world.

Planned Features:

Story mode, multiplayer, crafting, enemies, modular Robo parts, more equipment/items/tiles, ores, bosses, a lighting system, a liquids system, and much more.

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