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Robocraft has released it's next major update: Tanks Are Rollin' Out! Introducing multi-attachment tank tracks and Robocraft's first melee weapon, the Tesla Blade!

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Robocraft has released it's next major update: Tanks Are Rollin' Out!
Introducing multi-attachment tank tracks and Robocraft's first melee weapon, the Tesla Blade!

Caterpillar Tracks

  • Available from T3-T10
  • Steering like a tank
  • Extremely tough, more armor than the Walker Legs (which are next toughest)
  • Multiple attachment points, 3 at T3 up to 9 at T10
  • You can mount weapons, Electroplate and other components to them
  • Slow speed
  • Extremely heavy

Tesla Blade

  • Available from T8-T10
  • Melee ramming secondary weapon
  • Combine this secondary weapon with other primary weapons on a single robot
  • Massive damage, i.e. like 2x Rail Cannon
  • One shot and the blade is destroyed
  • 1 blade at T8, 3 blades at T10 (so you get 3 rams at T10)
  • Nano heals blades so they can be re-used
  • Damage from enemies removes blades

Hero Bonus

  • If you die, and your team wins, you get this Bonus
  • The bonus makes up the difference for the RP and TP you would have earned if you made it to the end
  • So you can be a hero and help your team and not lose on the rewards
  • Hero Bonus is awarded via a new screen that appears after your next battle or login, once the battle had ended
  • The RP rewards at each Tier have been reduced by 25% to compensate for the increased RP in the economy from the Hero Bonus with the aim of keeping the overall rewards neutral

Control Config Screen

  • Configure your own keys
  • Configure the Mouse
  • Configure a Joystick / pad
  • Your config is saved per user, so if someone else has an account on your PC, they can bind their own keys
  • Our apologies to everyone in France (AZERTY keyboard layout) especially, for taking so long to put this in

2 x New Robots

  • T3 TRAX – A new T3 Plasma Caterpillar Class Robot
  • T7 TESLA DART - A Tesla Nano Class Hover Robot

Big Balance Changes

  • The Delta between Robot Rankings at each Tier has been increased
  • The Max Robot Ranking for each Tier has been adjusted proportional to the delta increases
  • The Delta between Armor at each Tier has been decreased
  • The Delta between Weapon Damage at each Tier has been decreased
  • The Armor and Damage have been reduced proportionally to maintain the same ‘ave time to destroy a robot’ at all Tiers
  • The purpose of these changes is to slightly reduce how OP +Tiering components on a Robot is
  • And to make +3 Tiering Robots a little more difficult
  • Whilst still allowing +Tiering to retain a good level of variety
  • All Armor, RR, DMG, stats have been updated in the cube descriptions in the Inventory, Depot etc.

Big Physics Changes

  • To ensure that Tank Tracks felt heavy, and could not easily be lifted by Hovers, Thrusters, Helium and Aerofoils etc. we had to make a lot of changes to the physics
  • All cubes now have a built in concept of ‘Diminishing Returns’ so if you have 1 Thruster and add a second, you get 2 x more thrust, but if you have 25 and add a 26th you get virtually zero extra thrust. This is true for all component movement cubes
  • Wheels are now more affected by mass, and adding more wheels helps to speed them up, but with diminishing returns
  • Friction of the basic cubes surface (and the components like weapons etc.) has been increased slightly
  • There are a lot of changes here, our aim was to allow as many current Robot builds to function unaffected, but it is impossible to make any physics changes now without impacting the performance of some builds

Roboshop and Uber TP Price Changes

  • Robots are now MUCH cheaper to buy
  • The T2 Apache is now less than the price of a Latte
  • But they DO NOT come with Premium any longer
  • UberTP has increased in cost from 9 to 11 GC
  • Honeydwarf Robot is no longer available, we will be announcing the money raised very soon

Spotting VO Changes

  • Wheels are now referred to as ‘Cruiser’ class Robots
  • Caterpillar Robots are now referred to as ‘Tank’ class
  • Scout Robots are now separated into movement class, e.g. ‘Scout Cruiser’
  • Tesla Class Robots have also been added

More Important Changes

  • The Enter Battle button is now ‘E’ as opposed to ‘B’. So to enter Battle Mode it’s E then B.
  • Premium now levels you up 2x faster (so your CPU can keep pace with your increased RP and TP earnings)
  • Lag reconciliation of other Robots positions has been improved, so the enemies position is closer to where the are on their client, even when your ping is low
  • Physics pushing has been improved slightly, we’ve still got a lot to do here, but it has improved
  • Roboshield is now recognized by more virus protection services so triggers less threat warnings etc.
  • Roboshield is now protecting the game from hacking more than ever before, and the guys at EAC are still continuing this work every day
  • All RP and TP awards issued by the clients are now validated server side
  • Thrusters re-introduced at T1 on the Tech Tree

Wow, that's impressive sh**t, it's an amazing update.

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Sorry to hear that Guest but i play this game everyday and dive bomb on people and smash into the ground and i don't go though to map!

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