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Major launch of Robocraft onto two new platforms along with a few improvements to the game.

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Major launch of Robocraft onto two new platforms along with a few improvements to the game


- Mac and Linux versions now available via Steam
- All future updates, feature releases, and new content will be available on all platforms
- Updates will always release on all platforms simultaneously

The majority of our time was spent preparing the Mac and Linux launches, but we managed to squeeze in a few extra improvements to the game at the same time which are listed below.


- Placement glitch testing has been improved so the detection of invalid cube placement is more reliable
- Invalid placements and overlapping cubes are now highlighted in red


- New coloured usernames reflect ‘highest Tier reached'
- Users reaching T6+ will have a blue coloured username (new users start with white)
- As long as you have reached T6+ you will get the tag, you do not have to
- Users reaching T10 will have a gold username
- The tags reflect the highest tier reached, so you are free to play whatever Tier you wish and do not lose your tag
- MODs and ADMs also have a gold username
- Colored text is now officially supported and available to all players in T6+
- To colour your text just type [FF00FF]Text where the code in the brackets is a html hex color code


- Spotting enemies with ‘Q’ now call out their Robot Classification
- Robots are classified by their movement type and weapon type, i.e. ‘Plasma Bomber’ or ‘SMG Tank’ or ‘Rail Drone'
- Icons above the enemies head denote their Armor and Weapon class
- A shield icon with a number in it, denotes Armour Class
- A symbol next to the shield denotes Weapon Class
- Circle = Plasma, Arrow = Rail, Cross = SMG, Eye = Scout (i.e. no weapon)


- 4 new music tracks composed by Freejam
- Feel free to rip the tracks and use them in YouTube videos or any other purpose
- We will also make mp3’s of the tracks available via the website
- Mothership, Mars, Ice Planet, and when waiting for battle are all separate tracks now


- Base Caps are now reset when you take damage whilst capping a base
- The base cap reset back to the last segment when you are hit
- Audio queues are played to all allies when your cap is reset, so you know whats happening
- 20% buff to Victory Bonus, so gaining team Victory has never counted so much


- Platoon ID’s shown in green and at all times so you always know where you Platoon members are
- New ‘Hint’ bar at the bottom of the battle countdown screen gives hints for battle and lesser known controls
- Admin level added to Mods, have [ADM] tag
- Battle Lobby screen changed, presentation improved and ‘Total Online’ removed
- Range on Enemy Radar reduced by approx 15%
- Improved the presentation of the Galaxy Cash menu
- Added subtle animation to the Add Funds and Premium buttons as some users didn’t not realise these were buttons
- Enemy tags now scale to help you gauge how far away they are
- BUG FIX: Alignment Rectifier effects now trigger more reliably
- BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where Garage Robots could be merged into the Robot Shop causing a visual glitch
- BUG FIX: Fixed a bug breaking the shortcuts when using the Robot Shop
- BUG FIX: To prevent spotted enemies being visible after death in Spectator Mode
- BUG FIX: To fix a graphical glitch on the battle countdown screen
- BUG FIX: Rail-Cannons no longer jam if destroyed during reload

With the Mac and Linux support done, Freejam now gets head down and focused on our next launch. The next one will be MAJOR, MAJOR, MAJOR!!!

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