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Some news from the dev team. A new entry, a worldmap, heros skin changes and more...

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First we are happy to welcome to @OttenwelterMatt in the Rob n Run team. He is visual artist, come to give a hand on the visuals of the game. you'll see that's enhance the game visuals.



We have a new logo for the studio :

We gonna enhance the caracter skin and animations , here are researches:

i think we gonna keep this one.

We are actualy working on graveyard world ; this is some draft for coffins trap:
need to be reworked , but the idea is here.
The player would find gold pouches in these coffins, or death ... it depends.

Some news about dev steps :

- Lvl4 is complete ( the forest ). the other levels gonna be build quicly , we have now a good method to build them .
- We have create a local score system added to the online leaderboard. So the player could see his performance even he is not in the online top 10.
- Training mode is unlocked when you've completed a world ( taking at least all red bags)
- A new world map is fonctional : Vladim, the Rob n run hero is gonna travel thrue this worldmap

We've crate our youtube's channel :

I have pitched our game in mime way. it's a world premiere , i think ^^. it was fun and people seems to be convinced. it was at a gamedev meeting in LYON.

The game development is running and we can say that the game will be released in september or something like that.

If you've liked the music in the demo, you can listen actual finished 4 tracks at my bandcamp:

THX to all to bring your support and feedback playing the demo ( we have a new build here : ) . You can support us by donate and you'll get a copy of the game at release.

See you for news soon.

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