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An overview of the changes in Roar of Conquest from the base mod, Stainless Steel 6.4

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Greetings! Welcome to Roar of Conquest, submod to Stainless Steel 6.4. As a big fan of SS, I like many others was sad to find out that the original modding team left the project many years ago. To this day, SS remains one of the largest and most well-loved mods for Medieval II: Total War, and has personally brought me many hours of enjoyment, (to be honest, I can no longer play the base game after how good SS was in comparison). However, there were some things in them mod that I found to be...less than perfect. For those of you who read the intro, you will know I started this project due to my frustration on the performance of pikes in SS. To elaborate, I saw a unit of Mameluke cavalry charge head on into a unit of braced pikes and proceed to slaughter the entire unit without taking any casualties. Yes, they may have been pike militia, but I mean REALLY...

Hence, my hobby was born. I started to look up guides online on how to mod the game and change things more to my liking. I am happy to say that, while pikes are still not top-tier units, they will at the least kill cavalry that charges into them headlong while they are braced.

Fodder no more!

However, my mod became more complex than just changing the performance of one unit...

For those who want the quick and easy explanation, here are things to expect after downloading Roar of Conquest:

1) All factions now have access to a baseline infantry and bow unit at the earliest levels of castle recruitment. This enables AI factions that were once always destroyed by other AI to put up a much better fight and last into the late campaign, or even become empires in their own right.

2) Units which once performed poorly/not as good as they should in the mod have been changed to better reflect how I , personally, feel they should perform. Some may disagree, but hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The three unit types that were most affected by these changes were: pikemen, longbows, and gunpowder infantry. These changes were universal, including not only all units found in all factions of this type, but also their mercenary counterparts.

3) The population requirement for Large Cities, Huge Cities, and Citadels has been lowered. It is still a challenge in order to get the population to upgrade, but it is far more frequent now, provided you build up your food production, get good governors, etc. Note that the AI ALSO gets these tiers more easily and more quickly, meaning you will be facing larger armies and better quality troops when fighting the AI.

4) Certain factions now get access to late-game troops earlier than in SS; examples include the Janissary troops, (excluding gunpowder units), for the Seljuk Sultanate, which are now available at the Half-Plate event, (roughly 1300-1310) rather than the Full-Plate event (around 1400). This was done in order to help certain factions last into the late game by unlocking their better troops earlier. This also means the player has less time to wait for the more interesting units in some rosters. :)

5) The Fatimid Caliphate now has a smaller starting domain size. Before, they were so rich and powerful none of their neighboring factions stood a chance against them, (unless the player started as one of those neighbors), and made playing as them even easier. Now, they are still a strong faction and will still do well as the AI, but they are no longer 100% guaranteed to dominate their fellow AI in the Middle East.

6) Units that SS labeled as "professional", which translated into better quality units which took multiple turns to recruit, have had their recruitment time reduced. As a general rule of thumb, infantry units which once took 3-4 turns to recruit now only take 2 turns, while elite cavalry units were reduced from 7 turns down to 4 turns. This change means both you and the AI will be fielding more troops of better quality in the later stages of the campaign. It also helped AI factions who relied more on their professional troops to compete with other AI factions that relied more on their high-quality feudal units, which both in Roar of Conquest and SS only take one turn to recruit. Also, all bodyguard units now only take one turn to recruit.

If anyone is interested in a more detailed description for the changes in Roar of Conquest, please let me know! Mod can be found here:

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