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Announcement of upcoming changes to Roar of Conquest.

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Greetings! Given how young the mod is, a change announcement may seem rather surprising, but I feel, (and hope), they will be welcome ones. Now, to the details for Roar of Conquest 1.1.

1) I am working to create a stand-alone upload for my mod. This change means that you will no longer have to install Stainless Steel 6.4 or Meloo Fix 1.27 beforehand; they will be present in the installation. You will also no longer have to worry about making sure you select the right campaign settings in order for my mod to work; the settings will be locked into place, simplifying the installation. Now, the downside is that you will no longer have the setup menu that SS 6.4 did, but since Roar of Conquest was set up only for the 1220 campaign, I feel this is a acceptable loss. You also will not be able to choose the other settings you once could, like the type of AI the campaign had, but rest assured the balance changes I made were for the settings you will get from the standalone. You will have less variety in option choices than SS 6.4, but better balance and unit performance. Please note my mod also incorporates the submod Regional Knight Orders for All by Melooo182, (original mod, which I further tweeked in order to balance into my mod. I certainly want to make sure that I give credit to others when credit is due.

2) My mod will now have its own loading screens when launching, so it will actually appear you are playing something different than SS 6.4. While my work is a submod, I felt it would be nice for the player to feel they were playing something different when they boot up the game. Plus, it will make me feel good too. ;) Now, I'm not planning on changing ever loading screen in the game, (at least, not currently), so you will probably still see the Stainless Steel 6.4 logo frequently, but I feel a little variation which has my own logo would be nice. Here's a preview of upcoming changes:

m2 border

That's all I have for now! Like I said, no real changes to the actual gameplay for the time being, just quality of life for downloading the mod and for adding my logo to the gameplay loading screens to make it more clear visually that you are playing an overhauled version of SS 6.4. For those of you who don't want to wait and start playing now, here is the mod link:

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