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A quick overview of the features & fixes planned for 0.19

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Hello! I'd like to talk about the plans for the next update.

0.19 will include fixes for these issues:

  • Proper detection when a vehicle is invalid: currently the game doesn't check if a vehicle is valid until the map is already loaded. This leads to the camera getting stuck and not much happening.
  • Reducing lag in multiplayer: you may notice that there is a brief period of lag every time a vehicle respawns. This is because all the vehicle file data is sent each time, which can be quite large.
  • Vehicles not being saved if a layer is empty: the game currently refuses to save any vehicles with layers that have no blocks.

Just bug fixes is quite boring however. The following features will be implemented too:

  • Per-face connections: currently blocks can be connected from any side, including the tiny triangles, the wheels ... This isn't very intuitive & it also prevents compacts forms of spaced armor.

stacked disconnected

  • Multi-block connections: you may have already noticed that some of the larger blocks such as the 3x3 turret are actually only 1x1 in size. This is because all blocks are treated as cubes now. These blocks will be updated to have multiple mount points, as was originally intended.


  • Collision & center of mass changes on block destruction: at the moment vehicles don't change their center of mass nor their collision shape when blocks are destroyed. When this is implemented vehicles will behave more realistically when damaged.
  • Wings: the next update will allow the creation of useable flyers! You will be able to rain doom upon any pour souls roaming the land. A later post shall describe how the wings will work.

You can keep track of any progress on Github.

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