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A projected timeline for SoC releases, subject to change.

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I'll be releasing four independent missions while I work on another mod that I can't reveal until it's totally completed. After that's done, I'll begin development on the campaign.

Mission 1 - December 2014

English dialog script - 100% completed
English voice acting - Not started
Russian dialog script - ~10% completed, not translated
Russian voice acting - Not started
Mission scripting - ~25% completed
Mission textures - ~50% completed

A week into the war, NATO and Warpac forces fight for air superiority over the North German Plain. Raptors from the 48th TFW and Firkin-Bs from the 8th State Scientific Research Institute attempt to turn the tide in their side's favor.

Mission 2 - ~February 2015

The USS Barry Goldwater's air wing attempts to protect the USS Pennsylvania arsenal ship from a Soviet maritime strike. Soviet forces seek to reopen Baltic air and shipping corridors to the frontline by destroying this strategic asset.

Mission 3 - ~April 2015

A-10Cs and Su-25s attack huge armored columns in the opening hours of the war.

Mission 4 - ~June 2015

Japan takes advantage of the chaos in Europe to enforce its claims over the Kuril Islands. F-15J Kai+'s from Chitose engage patrols from the undermanned 11th Air Army.

Campaign - Development starting summer 2015

Desperate for relief on the European front, the Soviets launch an amphibious and airborne invasion of Alaska to draw American forces back to the homeland. You play as Major Nika Pugachyov, a middle-aged VVS pilot who was on course to become a cosmonaut before the war.

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