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8 votes against RNG, 6 votes for RNG! Looks like there will have to be a compromise!

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Poll results 2017.05.13.png

After few days of voting, I think that now I know enough to make my decision.

Because votes are rather even, there will have to be a compromise.

I've got some very useful feedback alongside votes, so it's clear what I have to do.

90% cards will be changed to have no random targeting skills. Remaining cards will keep their random skills, but they will be rebalanced to make sure that their random effects are healthy to the game.

I am not sure yet which cards will be chosen to have random effects and what effects they will have, so more about that in future. I'd love to hear some RNG card suggesti>

Thank you all for voting and feedback!

In other news:

I have made few important changes to card battle engine, now it is more stable.

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