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Should I get rid of randomness in my in my collectible card game (CCG)?

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If you played The Cursed Legion, you have noticed that some skills target random ally or random enemy.
This makes The Cursed Legion strongly based on luck.
I can remove these skills and replace them with skills that target certain ally or certain enemy.

For example, Smite, Missile and Assassinate skills would replace would replace Strike skill.
Smite 1: Deals 1 damage to the unit that is next to enemy commander.
Missile 1: Deals 1 damage to the last unit in the enemy row.
Assassinate 1: Deals 1 damage to enemy commander

Why is randomness good? Because it creates "OH NO!" and "OH YES!" moments.
Removing randomness would make the game a little stale, but maybe that is acceptable if in exchange game becomes very tactical.
Also, randomness would not disappear entirely. You would still draw random cards from your deck.
Chaos quests that pit you against completely random enemy decks wouldn't go anywhere either.
(In fact, I am going to improve upon the idea and create an engine that generates a random campaign!)

This is a very big decision, so I have created a poll to help me choose the best option.

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