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Our Texture artist has been very busy the last few days with getting the new set of building models and island details meshes done and today we have two new sets of pics to show of progress.

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Our first new update is the newly finished edge farm detail meshes for the flying islands the nymbians live on. these new edge farm plants will go on the edges of the islands on area's that bridges cant be built from.

New Edge Farms WIP

Our second update is the new outpost that our texture artist Feng_Long remodeled from my older outpost model with some new improvements for looks and is working on re-texturing the model with a final permanent texture and normal mapping. this screenshot shows the new model with a quick temp texture applied he did for us to use in-game for testing the elements of island ownership while waiting for the final texture to be finished.

Rising Storm New Outpost mesh

On a side note: Our projects website along with the main NetstormHQ community website including also a number of other development sites that used the same forum software got hacked Wednesdays morning and were down for a number of hours, We currently have everything back to normal on the forums and our site is once more back in working order.

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Sorry to hear about the hacking, but the project is coming along wonderfully!

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Everyone on the team is very pleased with the progress that is coming along on getting stuff done. Our Animator just about has the priest animated and we hope to put a little test video showing off the priests walking anims and praying anims. The animator said he may have the video ready in a short bit so later tonight I might be uploading it.

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OK we posted a video of the temp priest mesh with a few animations for him.

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