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The following is a mod update as of: April 15, 2011

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Hello everyone,

I have some very good news to deliver on the latest status of the "Rise of the Shadows" Mod:

I figured out how to upload my own music tracks into the game menu. Of course I'm a fan of the Battle of the Heroes song from the Episode 3 soundtrack, so I used that to test out the game menu and it works great. I finished making an initial draft of the readme instructions on how to do it for those who want to use their own music tracks in the game menu. I will have that readme file available with the mod for download. I plan to sometime this weekend have a separate section on how to do it in the "Rise of the Shadows" mod features section, in case anyone has other Empire at War mods downloaded and would like to use their own songs from the other existing Empire at War mods such as the Clone Wars mods. For those who may be angry or wondering why I don't just use the Battle of the Heroes song track as the default song for the game menu when the mod is released for download, it's because I'm trying to avoid a potential lawsuit. If I really did do that and Sony Music Entertainment found out, it's clearly a potential lawsuit which I'm not interested in taking the risk. Believe me though, I am already using the song for my own personal copy of the mod because it is definitely one of my favorite orchestra songs. Btw, I will also try to have more pictures and videos of the mod added starting this weekend and steadily show more in the coming weeks ahead.

Also, I just added an ALO model and TGA icon for the SKYHOOK unit (also known as the Black Sun spacestation from Shadows of the Empire)!!! The ALO model is basically a variant of the Neutral Oribital Construction Pod that looks similar enough to the Skyhook to convince me that it was worth having as the game model, though it took me awhile to locate the ALO file and program it into the XML editor. I already did a gametest with the model and it works great. I have made 7 space fighter and 7 bomber squadron units to act as patrol escorts for the Skyhook (just like there would be for the space bases for the factions). The Skyhook is mobile in space, but it moves fairly slow. The only issue that I'm trying to figure out is how to create weapon hardpoints for the skyhook. If anyone can give some concrete advice on how to do that, then it would be greatly appreciated. If not and if I can't figure it out by the middle of next month, then I'm just going to have the Skyhook function as somewhat of a weaponless carrier unit since it has enough carrier escorts anyways, but the station will be strong shielded. I may contemplate in adding 2 or 3 Crusader class corvette cruisers as additonal protection for the skyhook if I can't figure out how to give it weapon hardpoints.

As far as everything else, the only issues I have on my agenda for the mod prior to the download release date is figuring out how to edit the text on the planet info. (so that it shows up in the game) and how to add a custom game animation/cinematic video into the game menu animation background. I'm still trying to figure which program directory folder to find for that or if I have to create my own. If anyone knows or has a good idea where I can locate that in the Empire at War: Forces of Corruption program files, please let me know so I can make the mod come out sooner in June otherwise I may have to postpone the release until I figure that out.

Other than that, I'm still editing the units in the XML files to try to make the game more balanced, but that's fairly easy to do just somewhat time consuming. I do plan to make a brief readme file that will list out the units, heroes, and act as a mini-game manual along with some character bio. information and the general background plot as to why this mod is actually called "Rise of the Shadows." All in all, if everything goes well the mod should be set for release in June as originally planned.

Until then, may the Force or the Dark side be with you,



right to start off the skyhook if it has wepons hardpoints already its easy i assume it doesnt so next best step is find a modeler and ask them to add them in. ok editing planet text is easy you just need to locate the text of that planet in the xml. and then edit it in the DAT. if you have one

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