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The following is a mod update as of: April 10, 2011

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Hello Everyone,

Well, so far the mod is still a work in progress. I'm currently working in getting the menu screen video animation background added as well as the song music. Unfortunately, when I make the mod available for download I can't add the song "Battle of the Heroes" from the Episode 3 soundtrack that I will have in my own personal copy of the mod because of licenses and copyrights issues. Sony Classical apparently expects for me to pay them $200 for the license permission! So I responded that I'll use the track for my own private use since I have the CD and I can. However, have no fear, I know how to get back legally at corporate people in a way that they may not like. When I release the mod, I plan to have a readme file that will give instructions for the gamer on how insert their favorite music tracks into the background menu screen once I figure that out myself. I should note that I'm expecting people to use their own personal use legally bought music for the tracks (like I do) and that they're not downloading illegal music to insert, but hey that's my advice and I'm only giving instructions for people on how to do it with their own privately bought music I assume. I suppose it's possible somebody could do it illegally using my instructions eventhough I'm not advising that and it wasn't intended that way. So yeah, I'm sorry that Sony had to make me a be bigger legal thorn on their side, but hey they could have gave me the license use for free since I'm not planning to make money off the mod, which I'm not interested in doing in the first place.

As far as the modding process, I'm currently going through the units list on XML files to sort what I want to add, edit, and delete. The only unit in the game that I really need help in getting an ALO model to use for the game is the Skyhook station, which I want to be used in a similar mannner as the Death Star as far as being mobile but definitely not as powerful. If anyone can help me out with that process I would greatly appreciate it. I personally don't know how to make ALO models (nor am I going to try since I suck at art drawing even on computer) but I'm willing to work with someone who is interested and knows how to do it (such as giving the possible volunteer portrait photos of the Skyhook from TED file pictures that I got from another mod and personally myself making a tga icon for the ALO model).

For those who are curious about the models and icons, I'm basically modding off a mod which was originally Absolute Corruption 2.4 while cutting out some stuff from it and adding new stuff to it (like Dash Rendar, Prince Xizor, etc.). Some people might say that's wrong, but hey if you're modding off a game, I don't see what's wrong in modding off a mod that's modding off the game. I'm not planning to take credit for it, I plan to give credit for the other people's stuff I'm using to make the mod, and I plan to seek permission from the original modder of Absolute Corruption as well as the other people whose models, tga icons, and other stuff that I'm using to combine and make for this mod. If somebody has a problem with that still, feel free to report me, but if I can't release the mod on this site, I'll still going to make the mod personally for my own use. It just means that everyone else losses out in not being able to download and experience something that I want others to enjoy playing as much as myself. Additionally, I'm also making some of my own tga icons for the mod.

If all goes well. the mod should still be planned to be released sometime this June. I wish I could make it come out earlier but I'm currently busy finishing my last quarter of college in California for my bachelor's, so it will most likely come out no earlier than June.

Well, take care.



I don't why you would need permission to use that song, it's like your making money off of it.(The stupid idiots) Besides, Z3r0x didn't seem to have a problem adding to his FOC addon mod. Then again I'm sure if it's the same song.

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Darth_Rex Author

@Admiral-Ace: Unfortunately to cover my tail from potential law suits in case Sony was interested in suing me, I do have to get their permission even if its for non-profit. I called their LA office and downloaded a copy of their paperwork for the form to get permission, but I found out that they charge a $200 fee which I'm not sure if it is for licensing, processing, or both. Either way I'm not paying $200 just to get permission. The good news is though my idea can avoid that issue and people can upload whatever music they want in the game menu in case there are those who don't like to listen to "Battle of the Heroes" in the game menu. I don't know about Z3r0x's situation to comment, but I'm just being extra safe in my case. I probably will call Sony and tell them my idea just to **** them off and see if that changes their minds, which I doubt, but I can still get away with this idea and they know it. Thanks any ways for trying to relate.

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