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The following is a mod update as of: March 30, 2011

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Hello everyone,

Well just to give another mod update for those interested, I'm about 90% done with the text editing as far as the mod goes and about 99% done with adding and implementing tga icons into the game for the faction units. I also just posted some in game pictures using a trial version of the Fraps application. So far I think it works well and I will not have to struggle with taking pictures of the mod from my digital camera anymore especiallly since they don't come out as well when all I have to do from now on is hit the F3 key to take computer screenshot pictures. Plus I can also use the Fraps application to video record by using F4 key. Right now I'm uploading demonstration mod video files for the newly added Rebel Alliance hero units which include the Outrider, Dash Rendar, and a new hero that I devised for this mod called Jenna Nightfall, an ex-Imperial special forces stormtroop sniper turned Rebel contracted mercenary. Unfortunately, I'm using the trial version of Fraps, and I'm contemplating whether to buy the online downloaded version since I plan to make a fairly long in game cinematic menu recording for the mod. Any advice or feedback is greatly appreciated. Well, I hope everyone enjoys the new stuff posted for the mod. I plan to post more before I go to my friend's wedding later this week.

-Darth Rex


great mod. i also use fraps for my mod im sure you could find a converter for the movie part im not too sure if it will work you could try real player anyway keep up the great work

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Darth_Rex Author

@dj5555: Thanks for your sign of approval on my work so far with the mod so far. I'm glad to know that a fellow modder like you also uses fraps. Thanks for the suggestion about the real player. What I'll probably do is get the full version of fraps and try to use that as a converter for the movie main menu screen of my mod. I have a cool idea of the movie screen if I can edit it right where it will look the cover picture of my mod but with animations of all the charaters from the cover happening at once. But I'll focus on the mod first and then I'll focus on the video title recording phase.

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