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The long awaited first release of the Rise of the Phoenix mod is finally here! Happy 18th Birthday Nightfire!

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Hello Bond fans,

At long last the Demo for Rise of the Phoenix has been released! Head on over to the "Files" area to download and play. The map is still not finished and has a few bugs, but I've worked very hard to get it to a playable stage and I hope some fun can come from that.

Unfortunately you will only be able to play the Demo if you have the unofficial patches installed (My game has the latest so I recommend using that as I cannot speak for older versions) as they allow the game to load maps larger than 10MB. I had forgotten about this issue that the CD and patch 1.1 versions of the game have, and am working on a solution so that players who prefer to have those versions will still be able to play the mod, for now though the Demo is only playable with the patches which can be downloaded here:

I once again want to thank everyone who has followed the mod's development here and waited so patiently for a release, and hope that you enjoy playing.

That's all for now,


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