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Rise of Relthane is an ambitious project that has been in development for over four years. In addition to a number of other features, the game boasts real-life footage film-scenes for a theatrical video game experience that is easy to get immersed in.

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Rise of Relthane

The Balance of Power has been lost, chaos is creeping into the lands of order, and a cry for justice has sounded across the realm. Will you Rise?

In Rise of Relthane, you play the fallen champion of Relthane, returned from death to reclaim the Balance of Power from the Gods, and deliver it unto the Creator. But your adventure does not end there by a long shot... you have a full out novel, soundtrack, and feature film to compliment your gaming experience!

The prototype for Rise of Relthane was developed with the Aurora game engine, which uses a similar language to the engine we will be releasing the beta version with. Our plan for Rise of Relthane is to release it first on PC, then Playstation 4, and finally port it to mobile.

The features that have been implemented into the prototype could fill a novel, so stay tuned for more updates, and visit to start enjoying the full Cloak & Dagger Entertainment line starting in January 2015!

Have fun!
-The Cloak & Dagger Entertainment Team

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