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Hello every one here today I bring you a new version of the mod and I hope I will manage to improve things this weekend.

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Firstly I would like to apologise that it took me half a year to make a new version. Well, at some point I lost an interest into it and I was really busy with other things. Then, one day I decided to start working on this mod again. So here I bring you newer version and hopefully I would be able to make a national focus tree till the end of this week.

Version 0.3. :

  • 1. 2 New national spirits

  • 2. New flag

  • 3. Istria, Zara (removed core from Italy) and Yugoslavia still has it's own cores on Dalmatia, Bosnia, Slovenia and Croatia

  • 4. More metals added into provinces

  • 5. Added bigger industrial complex (for easier gameplay)

  • 6. New traits on the leader

  • 7. Better research technology

  • 8. Added advisors (So far they are broken but still functional)

  • 9. In the next version I would be adding National focus tree and Croatian generals

Note that some people copied my version of this mod and made it on their own way, the way they wanted it. I will also be posting this mod on steam workshop and I do expect to get a lot of support. There have been some suggestions for making more nations but I am not going to do it now instead I will focus on this mod. I also need your help for the national focus tree what should I add?


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