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Just my opinion on the Boston situation, where 158 of my fellow Aussies took part in. I am just saying I hope all the Familys of those involved are alright and that everything goes smoothly even in this state of distress, just do not let it get to you too much, that is what the terrorists want you to do. Push on strong!

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So due to me being Australian I woke up with a very unpleasent message in my newsfeed on Facebook, something along the lines of a bomb going off in Boston. I was actually amazed, because me being Australian and all. I thought that America would not have any more Terrorist attacks because Osama was dead and gone. But I guess not....

I am not going to drag on about this because I feel it is not really my place to say anything, because I do not have sufficent knowledge about the situation, I just want to wish that anyone that was injured can recover to the best of there situation, and to anyone who lost a friend or family member, I am truly sorry.

11:30am (AEST)
Injurys: ~150
Deaths: 3, including an 8 year old boy.


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