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This article outlines the key changes in Zombie Apocalypse v. 0.7.1.

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I know I told people this update would be out by last Sunday, but I wound up taking a couple extra days to tweak some things to make sure I wouldn't need to release another update before RimWorld Alpha 7 comes out.

Rinworld Zombie Apocalypse [Alpha 6] (v. 0.7.1)

Zombie Apocalypse v. 0.7.1 [Alpha 6]

This update is mostly just changes to balance and early-game difficulty, and it fixes a compatibility issue with the MAI mod and potentially other mods that use custom Pawn classes.

- Fixed a mod compatibility issue.

When working on the mod I incorrectly assumed that the player would always want all colonists to be capable of being infected. This was causing compatibility issues with Haplo's Mobile Artificial Intelligence (MAI) mod. Haplo was kind enough to track down the issue for me before I was even aware that it existed and save me a lot of time and effort.

It's a fun mod. MAI is a metallic android who helps out around your colony, and she is immune to the zombie virus. To check out the MAI mod you can find the thread on the Ludeon forums here.

- Made zombie raids start small early-game and ramp up over time.

This should help a bit for those who were feeling a bit overwhelmed by the size of early-game zombie raids, especially those playing with the Superior Crafting or Tech Tree Minami mods.

- Increased the base chance of a traveler/raider being infected when it is spawned.
- The chance of a traveler or raider being infected when it enters the map now takes the difficulty setting into account.

After testing and watching streamers play with the mod it became obvious that most of the time infected travelers manage to leave the map before the infection kills them, so I felt it was safe to turn the frequency of infected travelers up a bit. I don't want the player to run into too many random zombie encounters because that could be pretty unfair, but I would like a few just to keep them on their toes.

The base chance of a traveler being infected is now 1/300. It will happen a bit more frequently at higher difficulties, and less frequently at lower difficulty settings.

- Reduced the base zombie raid frequency.
- The frequency of zombie raids is now affected by the difficulty setting.

Zombie raids were happening a bit too frequently in the previous release of the mod, so I turned them down a bit.

Because frequent zombie raids made the "Easy" difficulty settings way more difficult than they were meant to be, the raid frequency is now affected by your chosen difficulty setting. Now for the lower difficulty settings zombie raids should be far less frequent, and for the highest difficulty settings they should be frequent enough to pose a challenge.

Thanks for your support!

I really appreciate all of the feedback and support I've been getting! If you have any questions/comments/ideas you can visit the Zombie Apocalypse thread on the Ludeon forums here.

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