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Released Rift: The Horror of 145 a day early! Not tomorrow, but today!

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Hello all,

After the playtest today it was found that the amount of bugs/issues to fix was very small, so small in fact that I could complete them in 10 minutes. So I decided, why not? I'll upload the FULL RELEASE of the mod today! Yay! So now you can enjoy the Horror that is 145 in its entirety!

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If you do manage to come across any bugs or faults in the mod, please contact me on ModDB so I can set about updating to a V1.1 if necessary. I look forward to seeing all of your reviews and ratings on ModDB as this is my FIRST full custom story for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, so I am still very much in the learning stage. Any constructive criticism is welcome as it can help me to make my next custom story (when I finally want to re-open the HPL Editor after this) that much better for you all.

Update 10 Pictures Weekly Update 9 Pictures

Thank you to everyone who followed the mod before its release and I hope you enjoy the mod!

Rift: The Horror of 145: V1.01
Rift: The Horror of 145 V1.01

Also as a word of warning, the mod DOES require the Justine expansion/DLC/whatever you wanna call it, so please make sure you have that before trying to play the mod, thank you.

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