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The Oculus Rift is working ingame. A screenshot is up, but I'll get a video online soon, and a demo shortly after that.

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Got my Oculus Rift on Monday and squared away all of the technicals to make it work in Brevis.
It's a trip.

I'll post a demo at some point but I'm actually debating even doing a non-rift version, that's how cool it is.

There were some technical issues and things that had to change on a fundamental level unfortunately, and I haven't fixed all of the minor issues yet but they're mostly just polishable things I can sort out with more testing. The big thing was overcoming all of the changes I had to make to the camera system, player system, skyboxes, effects, etc.. But I think it worked out fine. The SDK was pretty straightforward and didn't require much work to actually put the system in the game, it just required reworking some elements to compensate for the extra camera, distortion and orientation factor.

More low level details will be on the DevBlog in the next week or so.

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