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This compilation involves few smaller mods for Supreme Commander - Forged Alliance that are made with intent to make battles more about strategy, map proportions, conquering, base layouts thank to new adjacency bonuses and all stages of management. There are many modifications that are targeted for developing new stronger and stronger experimentals, weapons and resource generators. This compilation is totally different. No more "Game for Heroes", "Tech rush" or "Camping"...

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This compilation is made for playing with BlackOps: Unleashed, Adv. Command units, Balance mod and Sorian and Duncane AI mods.

For additional info and reasons of changes check Ric'H'ard new principles.

New adjacency bonuses:
- Radar increases weapon ranges
- Power generators increases rate of fire and shield regeneration
- Power storage increases shield HP
- Mass extractor greatly increaes buildrates of factories, silos...
- Mass fabricators increases extractors outpusts more than mass storages.

Another changes:

- All bots except T4 have increased top speed, acceleration and turning faster, but have decreased HP and costs more energy to build. When bots move their firing is less accurate.
- All tanks except T4 have decreased top speed, acceleration, rate of fire, turret turning, turning and steering, they are less maneuverable but are tougher and have damage bonus. All tanks have limited minimal attack radius for weapons.
- Mass fabrication is much less efective and can't be turned off.
- AntiAir, artillery and TML units and structures have better target priorities.
- All mobile artillery have increased range and decreased rate fo fire and accuracy.
- Nuke damage decreased.
- T3 static artillery include Salvation has decreased range, damage, accuracy, cost and buildtime and increased damage radius. Its main role is defense against heavy units and large battalions now.
- Scathis has not unlimited range, now it can hit target approximately 5km far. Has increased HP and its costs and build speed is close to its vanilla version.
- All point defenses have limited minimal attack radius, so early tiers are still usable against units too close to your defense perimeter.
- All T3 units has decreased damage and rate of fire so early tiers are still usable.
- All T4 units has decreased damage and rate of fire, acceleration, buildtime, cost, acceleration and top speed so early tiers are still usable.
- All aircrafts have decreased turning speed and damage and increased HP.
- All turrets on all units turning 66% slower.
- Decreased omni radar radius. Increased land units radar radius.
- All armed structures energy consumption doubled.
- Mass extractors energy consumption increased.
- STML autofires on buildings.
- STML has enhanced target priorities.
- STML and MTML projectiles seeking mobile units.
- SSML can storage only one piece of rocket. It's buildrate decreased, energy consumption and buildtime increased.
- SASML can storage only two pieces of rocket. It's buildrate decreased, energy consumption and buildtime increased.

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