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A First person adventure puzzle game, where you are an adventurer who got stuck in some ancient trials, and in order to escape it, he needs to use some sort of staff to manipulate certain objects.

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I am a one-man developer that is working on some puzzle firstperson game (similar to portal-like games), and this is what I've got so far :D

As you can see, The game is about an adventurer/archaeologist, who gets stuck in some ancient trials. Those trials cannot be escaped unless the puzzles are solved. To solve those puzzles, a certain staff is required to manipulate some certain objects that can be found in the trials.

Right now, most of the game mechanics and features are implemented.

- The Graphics are placeholders right now, it needs to be changed to something more fitting.

- The plan is to have 32 levels + boss. So lots of level design is required.

If any artist here is interested in creating the art for this game, please contact me :)

Ill keep updating this thread upon having new news!


EDIT: Added a short demo, showcasing the game controls and feel. Please let me know if the demo didn't work for you.

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