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I've been working on this game on and off for over two years. Some of the older music is getting pretty old at this point. Time to update it a bit!

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After working on this project for such a long time, it's inevitable that some of the earlier work isn't going to be quite up to par with the rest of the project. I've been going through all the music in the game recently and making things sound a little nicer.

Mostly, I've been playing with the compression levels of the songs to make things sound more crisp and powerful. As well, I've reworked the drum samples to sound more lo-fi while still keeping the integrity of the tracks. The drums in particular have been a problem since the very beginning. A few of the earlier songs were written using the Ultimate Mega Drive Soundfont, so there were some great 16-bit era drum samples to work with. I wasn't entirely comfortable using sounds ripped straight from another game, though, so I decided to switch over to using VOPM, which emulates a similar sound chip to the Mega Drive. That also meant coming up with new drum samples, but all the ones I have are high-fidelity. After a lot of playing around, I've gotten them to sound nice and crunchy using a mix of pretty heavy compression and a bitcrusher VST.

Here's a quick sampler of some of the older tracks that I've remastered, including Electroargentum, The Tough Get Going (Cyphon Theme) and Fast Travel. Let me know what you think!

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