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Voices recorded, final+fully voiced ReWired1.3 comes out August 2018, ReWired1.3 will be compatible with the Nightdive Studios Sourceport, custom soundtrack almost finished too. Watch 6min ReWired1.3 Preview.

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The final and fully voiced release of ReWired will come out sometime during August 2018 and will be conform with the currently available v1.2.9 release with the only exception having fully voiced logs of course ;) ReWired Voiced1.3 will also replace final.1.2.9 as the final build.

Download ReWired v1.2.9
SYSTEM SHOCK: ReWired v1.2

Voices for Bismarck Project complete!
All the voice actors that volunteered to give their voices for the fully voiced audiologs of the upcoming 1.3 release of System Shock ReWired recorded their lines. I'm also done finishing the post editing and adding of effects to make them be in line with the original games audiolog recordings. I have to thank once again all the voice actors for doing such an amazing job! Especially my SHODAN. Despite many people telling me "thats not her", yes I know, but the SHODAN of ReWired isn't the original AI either. And I am fairly sure once you play the fully voiced ReWired that her voice will grown on you. Here is a little preview of the upcoming fully voiced release:

Nightdive Studios Sourceport
The System Shock 1 Sourceport by Nightdive Studios, which is currently in developement and can be beta tested by owning System Shock Enhanced Edition on Steam and following the instructions found in their Kickstarters July 2018 Update, will receive a separate package of ReWired1.3. This package will be downloadable on the ModDB Page here, around the same time their Sourceport releases.

Custom Soundtrack
If you watched the Preview gameplay of ReWired1.3. above, you will notice that it uses a demotrack of a custom soundtrack. The custom tracks are currently made by SpeedyFm and will complement ReWired and give the game a brand new feel and whole new atmosphere as well. The tracks will be available as separate download once theyre finished.

A lot of good and exciting stuff coming up for System Shock fans indeed. You waited 24 years, so I'm sure you can also wait just a little longer until all of the above happens! Thanks for your support!

Joey Lansing, signing off!

p.s. and of course a brand new Level Editor for System Shock is out too! Inkyblackness/Hacked

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