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Revolver Finger is out now for Android devices. Completely free.

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Hey everyone. Just came to say that "Revolver Finger" is finally out and is available on Google Play for free over here

for more info check out my blog

Anyway hope you enjoy my game!

Edit: Upside Down camera issue. Hey everyone, just a small little problem I have been dealing with and thought I solved a when I was developing this game. Sometimes, for some reason you will appear upside down in the game. I am not sure why this happens but it is very easy to fix. If this does happen to you just exit the game, I mean fully close it and just restart. Its something that happens rarely. But has no impact on the game at all. So just be sure to completely close the application and reopen it if you ever find your character is upside down. I believe this is caused when you continuously tap the screen when the game is loading the next level.

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