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It's in the works. Finally we can have perfected recoil and better player uniforms among other stuff.

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Revolt Mod UO V5.1 is coming soon. Just got to iron out some minor errors and it's smooth sailing. The recoil I believe hits the sweet spot. It's low but not laser accurate. Hip fire inaccurate enough to not turn this into a spray fest. you'll have to burst fire at the hip with some weapons.

Other Improvements:

*Uniforms adjusted. Axis are Black Colored, a good bad guy color like Darth Vader.

*Green camo adjusted

*File Size Chopped down, removed some custom maps

*RRMS Sniper and RnG Maps added

Down the road I'll AWE integrate the mod so you can use ALL custom maps with it.

Estimated File Size is around 189MB, down from 211MB.

Had to take on this project again. Revolt Mod UO 4x wasn't good enough for me.

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