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Update on progress regarding single player Revolt 5x.

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Greetings Community,

I just started working on Revolt 5x Single Player. It's going well right now. Half the main menu stuff is done. Got a single background image and developer information in the background. I checked the stock single player weapon files verse multiplayer ones, perimeters are the same but names are different. I'll just take some Revolt 5x CoD MP weapon files and rename them.

I'm going to leave bazooka, panzerfaust and panzerschreck stock. So they can be picked up from the ground. If I replace them with RPG, the map will not spawn those weapons on the ground. This may cause missions to not be completed.

All player uniforms will be changed to modern. As for the Russian team, their models get changed so they look modern.

There is not going to be any new maps. This would takes too long and cause the file size of the mod to be too large.

Will keep everyone posted once development starts to end.

PlusIce Author

Development of Single Player version paused until CoD MP version of Revolt Revamped is stable.

Single player version will start out in 1.0, as there wasn't a Revolt SP mod aside from TrollChi's version (based on Revolt beta). Which was released very long ago, before Revolt 1x was released?

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