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Wanted: C++ Programmers to finish programming Doom 3 [CC], porting it to RoE as well as other platforms, as well as audio transcribers for the remaining SFX assets.

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Greetings everyone.

I'm one of the old collaborators for the Doom 3[CC] project and I remembered about its existence not so long ago, so I took a look at its current status.

After digging around and asking the original creator, Reid Kimball, I've obtained his blessing and all the source assets for the CC mod, including code and assets, and have started to do new ones, like subtitles for RoE and such. But the materials I have are between near complete to having issues.

Right now I have cleaned up the main menu, updated the non-code assets to version 1.3.1 of the game, and transcribed all the voices from RoE.

I'm looking for programmers (C++) in order to finish the game's code and do extra QoL improvements, as well as English subtitles/transcriptors in order to transcribe all the remaining SFX. When the English transcription is complete we can start thinking on additional language (I'd be retaking Spanish).

My current goal is getting a version fit for the original Doom3 and RoE, as well as porting it to dhewm3. A port to Doom 3 BFG isn't on the cards now, but only because there's no research on the game's new UI system.

I've started having talks with dhewm3's original programmer and he did a basic port of the code, but with some issues, and he's out of time to continue working, so I'd need an extra hand to do the port there. As a proof that this is not some sort of joke, here's the current repo of dhewm3's mod Git for CC:

If you are interested in helping out, please contact me via ModDB's internal messaging system, the comments of this post or my Twitter: vgfilducci.

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