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This mod is like the undead. It just keeps coming back.

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So here's the deal. We've decided to continue production of this mod now that the team is more experienced in their respective fields. The first order of business is to spew random weapon ideas so we don't lose them. Here goes.

The Jollybringer
A fully-automatic razor-sharp candy cane spewing gun. High rate of fire, very low damage and range, becomes extremely inaccurate during prolonged automatic fire. Candy canes stick into enemies.

The "North Pole"
A rusty Christmas themed metal fence pole used to bludgeon back the undead hordes.

The Stocking Stuffer
Zombies are on Santa's naughty list and it's time you stuffed their stockings. Load some coal into this bitch and fire searing hot coal fragments at your enemies.

The Caroler
Zombies hate Christmas music. Give them a sonic boom of Christmas spirit to immobilize all nearby zombies for a short while.

C.H.E.E.R. (Christmas Hyper Energy Expulsion Rifle)
Santa's specially designed laser rifle. Those zombies don't stand a chance against this condensed Christmas cheer.

T.O.E. Missile (Thermal Ordinance Explosive Missile)
Unlike mistletoe, the T.O.E. Missile is not something you want to be caught under. Fires a volley of four inaccurate but devastating incendiary rockets spiraling wildly towards your enemies.

Many more to come!

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