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Currently reviving the project. The project is based on games like Resident Evil 2, games likes Dino Crisis. I'm hoping to make a game that stays true to proper survival horror.

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I know it's been a long time since I updated this page but decided to revive it because it's a project I wanted to get back into. Originally my project was stopped because I didn't know where to go with it. I've learnt some things over the years, wanted to keep learning and the fact is I'm tired of FPS games like Re7 claiming there survival horror games so wanted to get back into making a proper survival horror game.


Anyway I've started working on reviving the project, is currently rebuilding everything, I've moved from UDK to the UE4 because I preferred to get the best experience from UE4 plus UDK seems outdated now. For now my focus for ports will probably always be Windows but might consider other platforms down the line.

Also it seems like 6 years since I originally experimented with UDK:

Hopefully when my new build is done then I will have something a lot better to show. Also starting learning how to play Piano so hoping that's something I can use later on because before I was mainly using Mixcraft to make music.

Update: 1/7/2017
Going to try experiment with doors, trying implement a classic Resident Evil camera system this month, maybe see if I can something better with my modular pieces. Basically need to do more research into building types so the areas look a bit more natural.

Update 2/7/2017:
Got a basic trigger setup for camera switching but looking into setting up camera that the controls will change based on the direction of the camera. Once I figure this out then hopefully implement more camera triggers similar to the classic Re2 camera system.

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