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Today i started to revise and improve the Orks recruitment system in order to create an army more simmilar to what a green tide would look like, whilst trying to avoid huge lags by simply increasing the ork pop cap.

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Instead of using the ork population system i decided to make orks use a recruitment system similar to those of other races with something more like a squad cap. The limit of this new squad cap system for orks is the same as the previous pop cap: 100. The squad cap maximum rises in the same way the pop cap did before so in terms of gameplay you won't notice many diferences, especially because the ork pop counter still works and the researches are still enabled by this counter reaching the required value.
What was the biggest change was that each ork now costs no ork population and basically each infantry squad has a squad cap value like the ones from other races. You will see that units like the tankbusta have 5 squad cap (other races have a max of 20 cap so the orks cap is 5 time bigger thus the number), shoota boy squads have 10 squad cap and nob squads have 15 squad cap, similar to the 1, 2 and 3 squad caps for other races. This system allows orks to have a maximum unit values similar to the other races whilst having way more troops than everyone else.

On a final note: Just don't make 300 sluga boys because you can (5 squad cap, gives max of 20 squads 20*15=300), cause i don't guarantee your computer will be capable of supporting that correctly!

GreenScorpion Author

The new ork system has proven to be effective even when using this race as a computer enemy. I haven't made any changes in the race AI but they already take advantage of the new recruitment system to reinforce squads more and even recruit more squads. Although this new feature will take much time to test in order to ensure it is really a gameplay improvement but these early signs seem to prove i made a good choice when i came up with this system. When i release i hope i get a good feedback in all of the features i am creating or adapting in order to make this one of the best mods for Dark Crusade.

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waz up! da orks are ready for waaaaaaaaaagh!! show uz da sting of da GreenScorpion!

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GreenScorpion Author

Considering all the techs i have brought back from the old files, some techs that were never implemented (as far as i know) and this revision on the ork recruitment the waaaaaagh is really building up. I've not said it here yet but i also added ard boyz to the orks. They are pretty balanced in terms of close and ranged combat and also have more HP than any other basic boyz, they occupy more squad cap though to make it balanced.

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