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A rather ambitious balance fix and bugfix is coming to a battlefield near you!

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The changelog is growing as the days go by. No screenshots yet! But here's a changelog for the new additions/balance changes thus far

All Sides:
- Barracks power cost dropped to -5
- War Factory power cost dropped to -15
- Airbases power cost dropped to -15
(Keep in mind defenses, tech tier structures, and superweapon structures remain the same)
- Infiltrator units such as Spies are now immune to mind control. Since Yuri and Soviets now have their own spies.

- Anthran Bomber cameo revised
- Anthran Bomber attacks always spawn Virus Clouds
- Gattling Cruise properly localized
- Bio Reactor 70 power per unit changed to 20 power per unit. (Technically a bugfix)
- Added the Wiretapper, a Spy for the Clairvoyant
- Lunar Marine deploy now toggles air mode

- Allied Operations Center replaces the Allied Radar Array
(This makes Robot Tanks accessible right on tier 2 as opposed to having to invest in off-tier structures)
- Robot Tanks can be Mind Controlled by Yuri Prime now.
- Allies now have Satellite Scan, a superweapon that works akin to the Clairvoyant Psychic Reveal.

World Socialist Alliance:
- Tesla Trooper and Iron Troopers are now uncrushable
- Added the KGB Agent, a Spy for the World Socialist Alliance

- Garrisonable Communications Centers health buffed from 400 to 2000

We're planning to implement more changes later down the line to nerf some basegame anomalies that still persist in Cerebral Cascade, and buff some units that need a genuine buff.

Revision 1 also features eight new songs to the soundtrack, you can listen to the entire soundtrack (including the eight new songs) here:

New songs are:

  • Rebels
  • 50 Million Year Trip
  • Bed of Razors
  • Chrome Skull
  • The Ultimate Drug
  • Anima
  • Black Tar
  • Ruination

All by Karl Casey at White Bat Audio, as per usual.

Next article, we'll be revealing all of the nasty bugs that we've been at work trying to bring to rout! Keep in mind the new additions are also expanding, so expect to see some new units for the Republic of Korea, and France soon!

Estimated revision release date is sometime before February of 2021! Happy new years!

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