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A review of the zombie made killing game by Korean Thug

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From diezelpower comes the $10 game known as Nation Red. Nation Red is a eagle eye viewed arcade like shooter filled with zombies and power ups.


Due to the price, one should not expect good graphics for this game, but they are actually not too bad. The graphics are actually below average instead of failing miserably. Everything is pretty average and the gore and effects play the part well. On the max settings things seem a bit cheesy but at lower settings things can be a little pixelated. Also, the opening video and the introduction videos are terrible because up close the zombies look terrible.


Sounds in Nation Red include one track and and play sounds. Instead of creating multiple songs for Nation Red the developers decided to create a single long, multi pace changing track. At first it sounds ok with it's hard rock vibe, but sometimes during the softer times you want it to loop back to a different section again and the song also doesn't immediately loop back to the beginning once the song has finished. Sometimes it doesn't replay at all. Each Effect in this game has a different, and noticeable sound. Along with the way they fire, each gun and power up has a different sound that give each weapon a different feel.


The controls are simple and responsive. There are few controls so just about anyone can pick this up and play it. Also gamepad use is pretty easy.


The game puts you in the body of some random woman and asks of you to kill as many zombies as you can. For all I know the woman is Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil series but does it really matter? The game follows the old flash game or arcade game formula of kill everything and some things that you kill will randomly drop weapons and power ups. The developers also added a level system that you can pause the game and select an upgrade. When you select an upgrade, the game gives the player 5 randomly selected power ups out of the currently available upgrades. The game tried to do it's best with changing the pace by adding VIPs to protect and boss zombies to kill, but in the end one will find themselves just running in circles killing zombies until they die at some point. Each Weapon has a different feel to it and fires differently. This can both pay off or bring your doom. After playing, many will find weapons they like to use and what they want to avoid and some should be avoided for reasons like bad aim or terrible reload times. Melee weapons are also included but they will usually kill one since they slow the player down to a complete crawl and never really attack enough to kill everything around them fast enough. The swarm will quickly take the opportunity to completely destroy the player. In clutch situations the game includes a roll feature. This is good for taking minimalistic damage and allows for faster movement. This also helps for when one is reloading since it does not stop reloads. Overall the game is enjoyable and is pretty fun for quick, gaming sessions when one has nothing better to do.


The game can be as easy or as hard as one wants it to be. With the press of a button the player can pause the game and bring up a menu that allows them to use a slider to make the game as easy or as hard as they want to on a scale of 1 to 100. The higher the difficulty, the faster the zombie respawn times are, the less weapon and power up drops, and the harder the zombies hit. The opposite happens when the game is made easier.


The game has 18 missions, a hardcore mode that is unlocked after beating the missions, a tutorial, survival mode, and a free play mode. Each change the conditions of the game but nothing else is changed. With Steam there are 35 achievements to unlock but there is little incentive to play this game more than a few times. Co-op would have been a nice feature to have.

Overall this game is pretty fun for the money but also is not a long lasting game at all. If one buys this game they should expect to get about 1-4 hours out of it before never touching it ever again

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